Pick up line

You may have section to say someone for date

How is your pick up line?
People might seeking for someone.
Gay person, lesbian person, whoever is always wanting to have somebody’s tender, sweat heart, love.

Scripts, situation, appearance

I feel like it’s logical system and any relationship is not going to consist complete. I think so.

  1. Ideal and reality are different
  2. Church, library, street are not place for looking for love.
  3. Male and female are differ sex, life, but it doesn’t matter with relationship.
  4. There are a number of plenty complains on our condition.

You need to accept fate.

Foreign lover

I’m looking forward to accepting my destiny person.

However God gives us difficult theme.

90day fiance

If you intend to take an opportunity to find love, and finally get marry, you are willing to own problems.
You ought to obey fate.
Have a nice day!!!!
thanks a lot
yasunari kayama

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