Day of accumulation

Day of accumulation

I often watch a lot of overseas traveling video with internet movies, but those people are very concerned as to how they earn and how to earn a break. For example, if I travel abroad somewhere, that must quit the company. Workers who are repeating simple tasks with low wages without holidays can not do such luxury. I think whether I am the only one who doubts whether a person who can build a social position that can easily take a break for a upscale job is simply excellent. I absolutely need money for overseas trips and I dont think that it is a privilege that I can think of only as rich. I think now clearly that Im doing underwork. I am struggling day by day thinking that I must have knowledge and experience to the extent that I need to make efforts to succeed.

Recently it is thought so recently that it is important to acknowledge that these are certainly things that can not be done to the world in the world. I am constantly seeking to raise my feelings in my daily life and learning from my past life experiences that I can not succeed otherwise. Although it is hard to describe success with anything, it is hard to express but it is realized that myself is mastering something day by day and mastering it so that you can realize that you are growing up and it will lead to achievement and that is the highest pleasure of your life it is. because Im not a successful person, no one listens to me from excuse for me I understand it properly and I understand harsh reality so leave it to emotion and do something reckless I try not to do. I study day by day how to take picture, graphic designs, illustrations, animation editing and animation studies, and there are so many things I have to memorize so may things are really hard but while others are having fun with halloween and Christmas, I will try my best to move forward one step ahead. Just a little joy, sadness and anger, hatred are only a moment.

At the beginning I talked about overseas trips but I dont wanna travel abroad but talked as an example of doing luxury to the last but for me it seems overseas travel is a hobby for overseas because they are a pleasure to travel abroad I think that it is the same as me taking a walk in the neighborhood for me. I am more interested in migrating overseas than traveling abroad.

How well can most people tolerate the time of underwriting?

I think the few people can endure such overwhelming loneliness actually.

Sometimes it is absolutely important to take a breath, but even if you relax too much, it is useless to live well in a well balanced way. First of all, important things are important in dealing with it, it is not to take in. In the end we can not reach it for a lifetime so we dont have to remember things like strange reach, and my living is always to clear small things one by one.

The existence of a successful person who becomes a motivation for a human being who is underlying.

  1. Vincent Van Gogh
  2. Leonardo Da Vinci
  3. Thomas Edison
  4. Steve Jobs
  5. Gandhi
  6. Galileo Galilei

People who were on the road without giving up even if they failed many times anyway. Although it falls every time it fails, it is no doubt that the sturdy mental power that pushes forward without absolutely giving up is indispensable. It is because the late blooming flowers can continue to be open for a longer time than the early blooming flowers because they nourished and prepared for it I think so that. Young and successful musicians, movie actors, singers, writers, artist and entrepreneurs have rarely succeeded much more often. Life doesnt go well with a good beat but even if such success can be mode steadily, there is no appeal to such a way of life for the public and there is no depth of life and it is boring. It is meaningless without being biased by anyone without it being meaningless, so for that I need to choose a way of life and ways that I have never seen before and now I am right.

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