Holidays are time to prepare precious


My word today<./h1>

Continuing tips should not be a day off

Creating an environment and a muscular body to maintain a stable spirit

Wake up in early morning → Resetting feelings to increase motivation
→ Aerobic exercise and shape the body by sweating → Take a shower after training
→ Clean the room, open the window and change the room air
I am convinced that this series of morning actions will create a success process.

What are the holidays for?

I am saying to you that holidays are time to prepare precious.
By the way, I decided to take a part-time job during the previous leave, but immediately withdrew my idea.
You know the important thing is investing effort, time and money for your future in the free time of the holiday.
You should be a human like an ant, not a lazy human like a grasshopper.
So Like ants and bears preparing for hibernation, we should be prepared for the future as they are I think so.
This is an era where valuable information can be easily obtained on the Internet and succeeded without wasting money.

1 Holidays for overseas trip ❌
2 Holidays for play with a family at an amusement park ❌
3 Holidays for Shopping in the city ❌
4 Holidays for Enjoy long-distance driving with family, friends and lovers ❌
5 Holidays for Drinking party ❌

I don’t wanna take some strictly time to make effort for successful.
But somewhat I can get to know how pleasure these amusements are.
My greatest joy of life is the real feeling of growth after acting.
I don’t lie I’m very serious to live my own lifetime.
what make sure to go to the holidays once a day to eliminate laziness is kind of my motto.
Well it is not easy living this era.
Thank you

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