Days of connecting animation video frames


Days of connecting animation video frames

The specific content of the animation production is a one-frame movie for about 4 seconds.
And I’m inserting it into a video editing app to edit an animated video for a few seconds.
The videos are connected one after another like a centipede.
I envy people who make video material for several hours just by pressing the video button.
There is no room for discussion about the content of videos that are posted frequently, and there is no value there.
It’s useless to think about entertainment videos that are human-friendly for a completely mass-produced manufacturing job.
The manufacturing industry and the creative work are different.
It’s fundamentally different.
Creative works that responded vaguely to demands due to deadlines and contracts appear to be complaining of repeated disappointments.
Recently, I am keenly aware of the difficulty of making a movie.
There is a possibility that you will not be able to make a work that you are satisfied with for the rest of your life.
I’m not self-satisfied.
It’s not a selfish activity.
I think that feeling the weight of responsibility for taking care of other people’s time is a step toward growth.
There are factories that produce both domestic and overseas products.
The factory mass-produces low quality with the idea of ​​ensuring complete market profit.
It only sells objects that are more valuable than garbage.
What do you get with money in exchange for precious time in your life?

Everyone is a still image

There are people who make animations individually.
However, many people choose still images, which are only illustrations, portraits, and abstract paintings, as expressions.
Animation videos are truly an undeveloped area.
Can you be impressed by seeing the very three-dimensional and beautiful illustrations?
I have never shed tears with static items.
Maybe I simply had no luck.
However, there was a time when I was absorbed in illustration and pursued three-dimensional painting.
But since I changed to altruism, I have stopped sharing the fun of private life.
It’s great to express using various applications.
However, I feel that many people rely solely on convenient application services.

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