Days without luck


Days without luck

My life seems like a bad luck everyday
I am unhappy with my destiny
I can not afford to accept someone’s beautiful thing

Being born as a low intelligence human being
Having been born bad appearance
I was born in a poor family
The existence of a bad brother with a personality
Presence of homosexual father
The presence of a mother who does not move

There is no work for office work
The fault that is not a sociable character
Resignation with backache
Resignation with gastrointestinal deterioration
The facts that can not be realized as oil paintings
The second wheel of the road bike is punk
A state of economic hardship that has to sell various gadgets
Having died from pain of ureteral calculus

My recent daily life is the worst
Even if I live with hope, I can not make my dream come true

I want to give advice to you who is reading this article
I am harder than you
I am unhappy man than you
So you should stay alive

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