Deadly school shooting


Deadly school shooting

I was a country that had long admired simply to the United States but now that feeling has disappeared at all. As everyone knows, a high school shooting incident occurred in the United States this week. It may be an incredible story for other countries, but in the United States such shooting deaths of guns are unlikely. Every morning I check abc news, BBC news and CNN news without fail. I am personally interested in talking about overseas immigration, but the cause indifferent to immigration to the United States is because of such a bad case. I still think about it, but humans do not stick and get accustomed to luxury never become happy. Those who are illegally entering from Latin America to the United States do not know well why they are trying to aim at America until they commit risks even though they know such a case. One factor in American gun society was once the background of American history. It is good or bad to have a gun to protect yourself these are not pros and cons there, but what is correct for them there is an endless deal on that agenda. I think that the impulses and feelings of wanting to kill people are emotions that everyone has, and we think that it is usual to find such nonviolent solutions by constantly suppressing such dangerous emotions and making appropriate judgment I think it should be. It is almost the case that collision and stress caused by human relations are involved in the background of such an incident. Everyone likes and dislikes people, and I think that everyone who understands the desire to do harm by resisting violence against a person who has personal resentment. In order to be happy to control your own emotions and to live, what matters most. Unfortunately it is a fact that such a sad incident happens day by day in any country of the world. We feel that we are always standing in a scene where we have to control emotions in our daily lives and I am hard thinking to dispel the evil feelings of anger. Predicts that the mental state of the a human who takes a gun and draws a trigger to kill people is not already in the daily calm feelings but just feeling high. At the end of such a brutal case there are statistics that the suspects are most likely to end with suicide. Thinking that human beings are stupid creatures can be said based on the fact that such stupid events are constantly being repeated in human history, but I do not think that human beings are headed towards ultimate self destruction I do not get.

Every time I suffer or conflict I will stop walking and see the sky or zen to look at myself. It is natural for humans to lose sight of their way to be their own happiness and to be in a state of blindness.

. Murder count by gun in 2011

California state 866

Texas state 497

Newyork state 394

Pensilvenia state 379

Ruigeana state 372

Illinois state 364

Georgia state 362

Missiguan state 267

Merryland state 262

New Jersey state 238

North Carolina state 235

Ohio state 187

Tennessee state 172

Arizona state 165

Missouri state 158

Average in the Americas 126

South Caroline state 126

Mississippi state 121

Indiana state 115

Virginia state 110

Oklahoma state 99

Kentucky state 77

Wisconsin state 60

Washington state 58

Connecticut state 54

Massachusetts state 52

Arkansas state 52

Nevada state 46

New Mexico State 45

Colorado state 39

Washing D.C 37

Minnesota state 36

Nebraska state 35

Kansas state 31

West virginia state 23

Delaware state 18

Idaho state 15

Utah state 15

Oregon state 13

Wyoming state 7

Iowa state 7

Alaska state 5

Maine state 3

North dakoda state 3

Vermont state 2

Montana state 2

New Hampshire state 1

Rhode Island state 1

Hawaii state 0

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