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Death is romance

Death is romance

1.Death cannot make life decisions quickly without getting the not-so-fearful concept.
2.Death is not painful.
3.Death doesn’t hurt.
4.Death is true.
There is no hell enough to live in the world of objects forever.
I have a feeling of living in a world of lies.
And I am suffering from self-loathing due to my appearance and personality.
There are moments when you become desperate and commit suicide.
I can assure you that I am lonely and suffering more than you.
So you don’t have to be depressed by various events.

Your future

I have something to ask you.
You don’t have to be serious because it’s a temporary interest.
I woke up around 2:30 at midnight, worked for two hours, and then went to bed again.
The time I woke up again was a cloudy morning at 7am.
I started working late at night because I had a nightmare.
And I had a dream of having a fight after a quarrel with my boss who was working part-time at a food warehouse 10 years ago.
I desperately devoted myself to my creative activities unless I returned to that unpleasant workplace again.
It’s raining today.
You can see that he has lost his concentration around 10 am.
After all, I felt that there was a certain level of human concentration.
Concentration after 4 hours of work is less than half.
You should have some sense of crisis and escape from the unpleasant situation and past.
You must learn more religious teachings and the scholarship of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle in ancient Greek philosophy.
Others cannot grasp your current state of mind.
That means we can’t rescue.
But that’s a universal reason.
There is no choice but to defend yourself with the meaning of looking into the distance, livelihood and excuses.
After all, humans who deny death are suffering.

Awareness of not knowing when to die

All you have to do is link the reasons for all the answers to death.
“I don’t know when I’ll die.”
There are no medical advances that can resuscitate the dead.
No human has the task of warming a cold body to 36 degrees Celsius again.
You are heading in the right direction.
It’s a natural event.
I don’t know when this blog will be closed, and I can’t predict it.
If you don’t have the excitement and expectation of dying like your first love, you have to spend a life of fear.

You are not afraid of death

I want to tell you that you don’t have to be afraid of death.
I’m welcoming the morning listening to the birdsong, but the reason why I don’t feel refreshed is that I’m not happy.
I want to help you in your real life and challenges.
This sounds weird, but I’m listening to it seriously.
At the age of 35, I think I can concentrate on human activities with a real cause.
The romance of death has nothing to do with my own experience of everyday life today.
It’s annoying to be told about death suddenly.
But every day I add the keyword of death to my blog and feel that death and everyday coexist.

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