Decreases nervousness and overcomes the poor sense of relationship

Decreases nervousness and overcomes the poor sense of relationship

I realize that my physical strength has dropped since I was 30 years old
There is no doubt that living cells are getting old every day
No cure can stop our aging phenomenon
Becoming optimistic thinking about the annoyance of relationships
It may be beginning to understand the nature of human beings
Some people are repeating the same mistakes while others are learning something every day without repeating the same mistakes
Understand the meaning of fulfilling and suppressing logical thinking and human desires
I am enjoying the challenge by memorizing English words and writing blog posts
Affirming the importance of building personal relationships through self-injury or self-injury

Over time I have stared at myself

They are unaware of the subtleties of human relationships and feelings of others
My complex is to act homosexually like a father
It makes no sense to write a blog post on a saturday night on Saturday
So I may just be tired of living considering the feelings of others
I want to live according to my mental state

The reason I haven’t recently taken and uploaded Youtube videos is simply because I can’t find a new expression

First I think that continuing to upload similar creation videos is not an advancement and a waste of effort
Second I feel that I can only get hints from the natural environment to make something new
Next I can post daily blog posts because I can share my daily feelings
And I realize that my enthusiasm has dropped since I was 30 years old and my curiosity against heterosexuality has decreased
It is interpreted as the bond of life for feeling of feeling of sex and feeling of sake
Well I think the bonds of life are human physical pleasures
I feel that the feeling of exhilaration after suffering is exceptional

My feelings from young to middle age are positive thinking and investing time and effort for the future

You know I am currently working in a company and not doing creative work
I do a boring job and pay my living expenses and taxes
Certainly I feel the phenomenon of Japan’s declining birthrate and aging population

Half of my colleagues at work are men over 60

A middle-aged colleague with a bad personality is working with an odd wig
Ok I just did not act carefully as I did before
I don’t want to be a self-made middle-aged man but I’m careless
In a long life, we are getting older every day and the mental tension is lessened
Finally I think that the cause of my heart not getting hurt is because I am inconspicuous

Many life experiences produce wisdom

There is no need to hesitate for something
All things have a bad effect
It is a fact that everyone is suffering but living
So I think that I can be motivated by the huge amount of work
Uhh.. it’s complex thing that I wanted to marry a foreigner but God did not forgive my desire
I feel stressed about having a love call by mail and I understand that I can only accept my destiny

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