Deliberately sad


Deliberately sad

The reason for deliberately sadness is that it does not cause mental damage.
By increasing the degree of emotion, it returns to the opposite emotion.
It’s dangerous when you’re having fun or being happy.
The data I’m working on this morning has disappeared.
So I suffered mental damage but did an immediate mind reset.
If you can reset your mind quickly, you can avoid a stressful life.
It suffers mental damage by perceiving it, but if you continue to seek mental pleasure without perceiving it, you will later collapse.
Gambling and bad habits can’t heal mental damage.
I reconfirmed that the fun events disappeared in an instant.
The amount of mental pleasure you get at a Halloween or Christmas feast is just a few minutes.
I’m tired of hellish weekday activities after the festival.
However, there is no sign of stopping mental pleasure or uplifting.

Mental pleasure

There are many opportunities to be inspired by the daily life of farmers and the scenery of the countryside.
I can sympathize with the depiction of mental pleasure.
The cause of the painful mood is the pleasant mood.
It is difficult to face a sad state when you are in an overwhelmingly happy mood.
I myself still don’t have the ability to transform from a state of joy to a state of sadness.
However, if you can instantly become sad, you can avoid the severe situation.
It is very good to maintain a serious state for a long time.
There is no unusual feeling of jumping there.
However, if you can spread the philosophy book in the afternoon and understand the meaning of one page of good books, you will get a great deal of mental benefit.
I think learning something is more correct mental pleasure than traveling abroad, dating or getting married.

shut down

Closed mind is very important.
I’m closing my heart for a few autumns in a day.
It’s an internet break.
Headaches occur when you continue to perceive the existence of 99% worthless products.
A kind of migraine occurs every time I see news information.
The depiction of everyone eating, drinking and talking in front of the camera is nothing but emotional, worthless and unpleasant.
I think it’s important to be skeptical from time to time, denying everything and skeptical.
Desperately, the size of the pleasures of the masses cannot be measured.
I’ve been vegan since November 2020.
And I stopped eating the carcasses of all animals.
I live on soybeans, tofu, wheat, rice and pickles.
In other words, it is necessary to shut down to the physical part.

Excitement, heart rate and longevity

Society is established because there are people who walk silently.
There is no choice but to resolve complaints and dissatisfaction with a cause.
You don’t have to simply explore the meaning of your own life.
I want to find a good idea without encountering any more noisy environments or events.

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