Depth psychology

Depth psychology

The conscious self is not the true self.
I myself have a mental disorder.
So I want to cure irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorder as soon as possible.
The days of treating mental illness while working are painful.
If we can overcome this mental disorder, we will definitely be able to carry out explosive creative activities.
It feels like Beethoven once longed for a cure for gastric ulcers and deafness.
He realized the importance of finding himself deeper than his consciousness.
Recently I went to a bookstore to look for books about psychiatry.
There he began reading books on mental illness.
As a result, I disregarded mental illness.
I watched a lot of videos about deep psychology on Youtube videos.
And I had to do psychological problems and reaffirm my own human beings.
So I realized the fact that my 11 years of living in my hometown from 2010 to 2021 was always lonely.
He lived as a dreamer by refusing to associate with people around him without making friends or lovers.
I was convinced that I had set an unrealistic dream and made a desperate effort.
However, he has had a history of suffering from herniated discs and depression while suffering from real problems.
I didn’t know what to do.
He relied on Christianity to turn his own luck into an opportunity.
However, after depression, he suffered from irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorder.
He was looking for opportunities in his life as an artist by doing oil painting and photography activities.
However, he did not realize the importance of human relations.
I need to change what I should believe in again.

Diarrhea due to taking prescription drugs

Visceral activity is normal and there are no physical illnesses.
However, discomfort due to mental illness is an obstacle to daily life and work.
Irritable bowel syndrome causes diarrhea if the pace of daily prescription medications is not controlled.
Asian countries tend to be content with mental illness.
Many Asians mistakenly think that mental illness is not a major illness and can be easily dealt with.
Internet addiction and appearance are different from other European and African countries, and their appearance is strange.
The spread of stress and mental illness is not odd when living in the societies of East Asian countries that engage in introverted human activities without expressing affection.
Considering the fact that I myself have been suffering from illness and injury in rapid succession, it can be said that the urge to long for Western culture was inevitable.
He does not deny himself in the past when he moved to a Western society with a solid social structure and tried to be happy.
But I have to put an end to my life of taking tranquilizers and intestinal regulators.
I think that priority should be given to improving the teachings that people can talk to and believe in, rather than relieving the stress of bathing and walking.

Japan Theravada Buddhist Association

I was looking for a concrete essence of life and a way of life.
And I found a video of Theravada Buddhist Association of Japan while watching Youtube video properly.
Watching this, the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome with direct constipation were completely completed at once.
It was having lunch while watching a Youtube video at noon on a holiday.
Anyway, when I was watching videos about deep psychology, I found a thumbnail of the video of Theravada Buddhist Association of Japan.
I was curious to see the thumbnails of Indian people giving lectures.
And I watched his lecture.
I was able to learn a great deal by telling stories about death and life in a concrete and easy-to-understand manner.
The symptoms of rectal constipation that I usually feel while watching various videos of Theravada Buddhist Association of Japan have alleviated.
After taking a nap while watching the video of Theravada Buddhist Association of Japan, I was able to return to normal physical condition.
This was a revolutionary event.
The story of life lessons, which was clarified without contradiction, solved my own mental problems.
It clearly revealed the true nature of my own deep worries.
I realized that I was just thinking about the meaning of life and death.
But I still can’t rest assured.
My irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorder have not been completely cured yet.
I believe that I can overcome my mental illness by watching videos of life lessons by continuing to take a bath, soliloquy and a healthy diet without worrying about it.

Christianity and Islam and Buddhism

I have never been born and raised in a cultural area rich in affection.
As a result, it is difficult to create a lot of variations in a highly sensitive state.
If you do not choose one of the religions and decide how to live your life, the guidelines for life will remain unstable.
I thoroughly avoid eating meat for fear of carcinogenesis and indigestion.
That’s because there is a fear of sickness in the terrible feeling of residual stool.
It may have begun to go against the teachings of Christianity without dietary restrictions.
Watching the Youtube video of the Christian church online does not cause any events like the influence of the video of Theravada Buddhist Association of Japan.
I think that the cloudiness of my heart is not cleared by the sermon that does not show a more concrete guide to life.
Even if it coexists with a person who is simply estranged, it cannot be adjusted to the conflicting human values ​​and way of life.
I am convinced that mental illness and religion are closely related.
The story of the elder of Theravada Buddhist Association of Japan greatly alleviated my condition of irritable bowel syndrome.
In other words, I feel that the words of pastors and elders who give me specific life lessons that I am interested in are the greatest silver bullets.
So far I have no intention of denying all religions.
However, there is a fact that he is currently devoted to Buddhism.
Modern people who talk about topics such as the meaning of living seriously belong to the minority, and the majority are obsessed with the warnings of religion.
Mental illness can be cured by clarifying one’s own deep psychology and exercising correctly with a video of a lecture on Youtube’s teaching of God and a tranquilizer and sleeping pills.

One pattern

Salmon swim desperately to spawn upstream of the river after being nourished in the sea for three years.
The life of a salmon is for spawning.
What does that mean for humans?
In other words, life forms can only live in one pattern.
Looking at people from a bird’s-eye view, they simply repeat the same tasks and habits.
I noticed that there were few variations, new developments and aspects.
There is no point in being born.
There is no point in being alive.
There is no point in dying.
I’m just in the process of understanding the meaning of impermanence.
I have doubts about the teaching that I should believe in the Lord God.
It does not alleviate irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorder at all when listening to Christian sermons online.
The result of living a one-pattern, unchanging way of life is that mental illness does not heal.
However, the other day, I was able to dig deeper into my psychology by listening to the teachings of a lecture by a Sri Lankan elder of the Japan Theravada Buddhist Association.
Looking at Youtube, I noticed that I was dating for Youtuber’s self-satisfaction.
They deal with other narcissists and complacency.
Don’t easily believe in others.
They are working for money and continue to avoid the stress and hardships of labor.
That’s an unforgivable story.

Several patterns of the day

4:00 am Wake up
5:30 am commute
6:00 am Start of work
11:00 am After work
11:30 am Bathing, washing, lunch
12:00 am Start of creative activities
2:00 pm Take a nap
5 pm Walk, shopping
6:00 pm Watch the lecture video
9 pm go to bed

5 am wake up
6:00 am Light meal, creative activity start
9 am nap
Wake up at 10:30 am
12:00 am Lunch
1:00 pm Take a nap
3:00 pm Resuming creative activities
5 pm bathing
6:00 pm Walk
9 pm go to bed

3:00 am Wake up
4:00 am Creative activity started
6:00 am Light meal
7:00 am Nap
9:00 am Wake up
10:00 am Resuming creative activities
12:00 am Lunch
1:00 pm Take a nap
3:00 pm Walk
5 pm bathing
6:00 pm Light meal
8:00 pm go to bed

The pattern of the daily cycle is changed depending on weekdays, holidays, and rainy days.
Never repeat one pattern.
In particular, never make the content of your creation one pattern.
Continuing to create a wide variety of creative content is the biggest theme of my own artist life.
Change what you believe in.
Change what you dislike.
Irritable bowel syndrome and somatic symptom disorder are gradually alleviated by simply changing the place, color, and behavior.
I learned the experience that the discomfort in my throat was eliminated as a result of the dramatic change in the environment.
Depression has been eliminated from the countryside of Japan by the landscape of the city of Manchester, England and the magnitude of the multiracial differences.
I am convinced that mental stress and anxiety disorders can be eliminated by seeking the opposite difference and dynamic stimulation and excitement.