Desire to be a kind person

Desire to be a kind person

I live thinking that I do not want to be a human being who abandons humanity and is obedient to the rules and my emotions
I can not have the optimism that the future society is ruled by ultra-high-tech technology and human beings can live
Recently I watched a TV program introducing the episodes of the late people repeatedly and I’m looking back on my view of life
Human beings can grow up when I feel the pain of modern society, and I am keenly aware of the difficulty of living through my work
I have a prestige as an artist and I may always want to end up being a weird being
I’m writing a blog while listening to Google play on weekends after 5 days of manual labor
It has been over 2 months since I moved to the city and I feel that I have improved my ability to handle things well with various experiences.
Every time I was disappointed with my ownness, I reconfirmed the meaning of happiness and studied the meaning of life again
There is absolute logic there and I feel that we should take things pessimistically in mathematical theory

Human being the ultimate bored life and foolish alien

For example, even if a favorite heterosexuality appears, the heat of love cools down in a few weeks and it changes to another favorite heterosexuality again
The reason I once completely abandoned moving abroad is because we recognize that humans are absolutely bored creatures
As I continue to move to America, Europe, and South America, I feel and reflect on my stupidity
We think that it is best for us humans to be convinced and live a boring life without being particular about being satisfied
I can not but just look at the stupidity of continuing to fill the water of satisfaction with the vessel of desire I have my values ​​always pulled by something
I think that I have no choice but to accept my destiny for Japan, the world’s lowest working environment
We have a duty to keep troubled by the problem until we die and we feel like we are trading the problem every day
I want to live strongly without abandoning myself and I think about the true meaning of life while walking on asphalt
We smell good dinner from the window of the house on Saturday evening and we can enjoy the happiness of our home
I feel that it is more important to pursue satisfaction with the present conditions and the true meaning of life rather than worrying about thinking only about the future
There is always a merit and demerit in every nation, and we have various distinctive problems, and that we hate other people is meaningless
A few years ago I was living with optimism with the goal of leaving Japan and living abroad
I was only fleeing and I forgot to pursue the root of the essential problem
I feel that it is important not to cling to the need to establish the boundaries of my own satisfaction and ask for all things to be convinced
The United States imposes additional tariffs on Chinese exports and adheres to economic control and seeks economic superiority
Humans will continue mass production and consumption until they continue to use resources on earth and the natural environment on the earth dies
It is true that it is difficult for me to be disappointed with the natural disasters, political turmoil and human disasters that occur each week and to have a sense of crisis
While the world’s population is increasing every day, humanity is trying to sort out problems that can not be arranged, and I can not but become bystanders

Stability Risk and Challenge Stability

I have a plan for 5 years now to increase production efficiency and I want to secure a healing space
I have a sense of emptiness focusing on big events taking place in distant continents on a small island country northeast of the earth
One day I would like to go to the center of the world, join a fun festival, drink and communicate with people all over the world
I am confined in a small country kennel and I feel I have to break the collar chain
I think that the theory of gaining stability by belonging to a company is wrong and I became a theorist
I cherish originality, and in my case as a personalist I want to secure the stability of the challenge by solo activity
People who prefer to act in groups to distribute responsibility are the masses and it is never born of originality
Honesty has many mistakes but no regrets, and hypocrites have few mistakes but ruins life
I was born in Japan, grew up in Japan and received Japanese education, but I became a Japanese robot and did not become a slave in Japanese society
Because I was low intelligence and weird, I couldn’t understand Japanese education and just thought about things myself and had doubts about the behavior and judgment of Japanese society and surrounding people
It is a shame to live life as a uniform life in line with everyone, and I have always been dissatisfied in communal life
I think it is nonsense to keep morals and not expand the possibilities in a one-time life
We hope to live in the future with a sense of fulfillment and hope every day with hope for the future and hope to continue to feel ecstasy
I like to try but I don’t call myself a challenger and I may just want to act
Waiting for a chance not to come is a retrogress to destiny, and I remember it describing the cool protagonist of a great movie

Don’t become an information weak person

I have a sense of crisis that I can not live unless I am an ignorant man always learning about myself
There is a lot of information I don’t know and I have to always input knowledge into my brain as a lifelong learner
We are convinced that we must definitely increase our happiness and we will never get out of pain
I felt regret for myself in the past and I should have prepared for the right areas early in my life
My specialty is art and I want to succeed in creative business, and I thought that I should keep track of my poor areas
I feel that it is important to throw away high pride and pretend to be a low-ranking person by losing my self-confidence by looking at myself objectively
I’m thinking of trying to reinvent myself without drawing on my ideals by making use of my past experiences of failure
I do not want to regret any more, so I’m sure to re-set my mind after watching the self-enlightenment videos and I’m taking the potential by writing updates and blog posts on Youtube videos
It is foolish to keep dedicated heart for the life that you want to devote to the things you like and love for a limited and precious time in the rest of your life
We think it is important to get the assets, skills and information to get out of the rat race, the competitive society and the stress society as soon as possible.
I feel that moving to countries other than Japan, Korea and China is a shortcut to becoming a fortunate person
I think that the dream that a person sleeps by sleeping is a kind of code from God and a lesson
The lesson I recently received from God is that human beings can not judge the reality calmly when they become engrossed in their ideals, environments, and friends that are suited to them
Even if I have a long-lived career, it means that even if I become an old man, I should go to the library and continue to read and study books

It is important that you try to live hard

When our souls come from the dark and start to emit light, we will be born and someday will disappear into the dark
I want to share my view of life with the people of the world because I understand the importance of confessing honesty
My own existence will disappear sometime, but I feel that it is really important to try to live hard
I may be creative or learning something in order to express something and help someone’s life
People who are engrossed and alive always have a test and I feel that we are always being tried by something
We feel we must continue to win ourselves in order to live freely
We should definitely believe in our own sensibility and I will always talk about something and I want to heal my wounds

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