I do believe in destiny.

Do you believe in destiny?

  • The ideal of my lifestyle is to be in a natural home where bird songs can be heard as good as your image.
  • As result, I have disappointed myself and actual lifestyle so many times.
  • What to want to do in this situation is natural reason and being oneself basically and on other hands that  such as reality is try to let us go down every time.
  • That’s complicating us.

All happened to us is finally destiny

  1. Name
  2. Backborn
  3. the member of family 
  4. Surround staffs
  5. Era 
  6. Meeting
  7. Friends
  • It’s complete jealous celebrities who’s able to buy any expensive merchandises for me.
  • But I did start to believe in destiny since a few years ago somehow.
  • So far I just had been trying to attain the biggest goal and I thought the most important thing is making procession to attain a goal.

My whole failures were million times in my life.

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