How to train abs

Abdominal muscle is. I would like to think about a bit about sit-ups. Because the gastrointestinal tract has weakened over the past few years, fat of the stomach has started to stand out. I need to make a rest day occasionally and I need to improve my diet. From extreme point of view, dropping body fat and improving health by everyday lifestyle will improve my life. Due to the commercial rhythm of modern society, various advertisements seem to be brainwashed by various media. My ideal body is muscular and less fat body and I do not feel like wearing big muscles.

It is important to train in everyday life as usual, for example you can train your abs as you sit on a desk on a chair. You should give one’s legs and both feet up and stimulate the abdominal muscles while desk work or watching movies. If you convey an image that scrapes down lumps of fat in the flank, you can continue strengthening the abdominal muscles and it is important to have the ideal image in the essence. Actually I am now writing this blog while lifting one leg. It turned out that as soon as I worked up the abdominal muscles for several days, it was effective. It is important to continue to strengthen the abdominal muscles by reading the book while raising both feet and one leg, making phone calls and devising it is important to continue.

Regarding meals, I am eating cabbage everyday because cabbage is a vegetable that will promote gastrointestinal work. It is possible to continue by eating raw vegetables while watching a child TV which can understand the taste of vegetables as more and more years are repeated. It will also be an efficient process because body temperature rises by training the body in cold weather.

Food that raises metabolism

. Tomato

. Onion

. Red peppers

. Black vine

. Ginger

Avoid processed food as much as possible…

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