Difference between Britain and Japan that I felt when I lived in Manchester, England for a month



Simple comparison of lifestyle of Britain and Japan

When entering home  take off shoes  take off shoes 
Is there a supermarket open 24 hours a day?  Yes  Yes 
Are supermarkets open on Sunday too?  Yes  Yes 
Can buses and trains be available on Sunday too?  Yes  Yes 
Is there a public telephone?  Yes(Near a big station)  Yes(Near a big station) 
Is there a vending machine?  No  Too much 
Worship is being held on Sunday?  Almost an old man  No(Almost no religious people) 
When getting off the bus  Greeting to the driver of the bus (say cheers)  Just get off 
Is there a Seven Eleven?  No  Too much 
Are there many citizens jogging?  No  No 
Are there many users of the library on weekdays?  A few  A few 
Are there homeless begging?  No  No 
In general there are many or fewer neighborhoods?  A few  Never 
What is the recommended traditional dish?  Chicken  Japanese curry 
Where is the recommended spot?  Second floor bus seat  Convenience store 
What is the recommended experience?  Greeting with British accent  Bow 
What is a convenient supermarket?  Costco  Belk 
Is there an ugly man?  A few  Almost 
Are there any illegitimate women?  A few  A few 

For people who live in modern society, culture shockable places can be nature full of nature, rivers, seas or stars of the universe

I can not depend on this data because it was given in my personal opinion to the last. Once in 2013 I was studying English in the city of Manchester, England.
I myself tried to see the country of Britain abstractly and I think that I could objectively capture the figure of a foreign country called Britain. Since it was a language study abroad for only one month, it could be unknown data as it was not possible to actually see the real British life for a long time. It is a fact that the universality of daily life does not change in any country.

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