Difficult skills can help


Difficult skills can help

There is no point in acquiring simple skills.
To acquire difficult skills, time, study and repeated practice are required.
There are many reasons why I don’t work with easy skills.
Most people get frustrated with difficult skill acquisition.
I am struggling with the premise of securing a long time for acquiring skills.
Even if you do monotonous work, you will not grow and you will not be able to enjoy a sense of fulfillment.
Anyway, programming, animation production and design are very difficult.
I live every day with stress and worries.
I’m not studying to improve my writing skills to write blog posts.
Web writing is a relatively simple skill and the market is small.

You can’t just use illustrations

I originally wanted to be a painter.
But we have to think about the market because we live in a capitalist economy.
I have a hobby of drawing people.
However, I do not have much work to draw still life, and I have to think about the customer’s position.
I heard that the future is video.
That’s why I’m struggling to create animated videos with strong message characteristics, including artisticity.
I have been making videos for nearly two years, but it is a very time-consuming task.
It’s easy and mainstream to easily shoot videos and post them on social media.
The existence of a video contributor who ignores quality and aims for advertising charges.

The hard way is the shortcut

It’s really hard to use software by yourself.
I’m busy because I spend my days maintaining the balance between spirit and body.
Many companies are looking for achievements and advanced skills even after looking for job offers.
It takes about 10 days to complete a few minutes of animation.
There are moments when I feel pain in work such as scenario creation and character design.
But I am convinced that acquiring this difficult skill will expand the range of possibilities.

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