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Full stomach center

Should I be independent or continue to be employed? I have been troubled several years ago.
If you feel happy, you do not need to be nervous about the current account and current expenses.
A person who thinks only about profit wonders if it can really succeed I happened to be close to me.
I was reading a free e-mail magazine, but my e-mail has suddenly dropped.
In the contents of the free e-mail magazine, there was a guidance for paid member registration, and when I ignored it, the e-mail suddenly stopped coming.
In the end, I was able to clarify and re-identify the nature of the person advertising the delivery of the free e-mail magazine because I wanted paid members.
I was convinced that the willingness to try to secure profits from the beginning would never produce good results.
Certainly there are actors who have become top stars in their debut film, but in a few years such actors often become unpopular with troubles and uncovering their abilities.
I feel that the sense of the premature flowering immature actor is paralyzed and I feel that there are enough factors to increase the possibility of abandoning on the way when aiming at the goal.
I think that the theory that there is no failure in life is never wrong.
I think that we should be a hungry one after experiencing setbacks and hardships to success, and I am addicted to a life like a single animal.
If you try to stimulate the full stomach center quickly and seek pleasure, life length will be shortened and human taste is always important even in the age.
As I am not dancing to a virtual image, I may be searching for food for a goal like a stray dog ​​every day without watching TV programs.
When we are in a state of halted thinking, I think that we tend to believe that finding a job in a company is a safe and secure choice.
I’m always thinking about investing for the future as it’s almost two months since I’ve moved.
I mostly go out shopping but I just don’t go out just because I want to spend meaningful time I think I’m starting to learn past experiences.
It’s important to take a walk for a change, but it’s important for me to get the latest information anyway, I’m not young anymore and I have no time.
We’re in trouble because we’re trying to fill in our desires quickly using all means, but there are people trying to solve real problems with debt.
I used to drive to the coast and think about the Americas while looking at the Pacific Ocean, but the Americas are not present in my current cage.
The really important thing is not to change the environment, but to find my own rewards and to immerse myself, I think that I meet the sense of fulfillment every day.
Human autonomic nerves in the state of being always planted are sprouting and I know the moment when I lose a sense of responsibility and behavior.
In the middle of the slope of my life, I looked at the city at dusk on weekdays and wanted to make my life eternal and closed my eyes while feeling the wind.
I think we are questioning whether we can have happiness, hope and fulfillment until we die if we get hundreds of billions of dollars in money.
The demander is a mere tool for earning money for people who do economic activities not for the cause but for their own benefit, there is no feeling at all.
It is important to invest in advance the value obtained from labor, so I feel that it is a very stupid idea to borrow for the purpose of consumption.
If we can not pay in bulk, we will be desperate to save, save and earn labor and business income.
If you can not understand the meaning of holidays such as weekends and holidays, you will be able to work more and give yourself a greater reward.
I used to write poetry and eat cup noodles in the cold winter park before the opening of a part-time job at a convenience store.
I always changed my responsibility to my parents for my unfortunate situation and I desperately played stray cats and devoted myself to self-defense, and that was not a mistake.
I think that it is best to live in a loneliness, denying to getting married and having children, but I still seek human love.
I think it is a fact that it made my digestive system worse by lack of love, and I sometimes deny that I keep depressed and become realist.
In the hot summer of last year, I was running to build strength and try to work smoothly.
I have always known that living my own way is the most wonderful thing, but I have been thinking about life and death views and laws every time I self-proclaim.

People who are insensitive to the fullness center

It is decided to try moderate aerobic exercise because it will form a fragile body when working with a personal computer in the house all day.
Right now I have checked the usage fee of the gymnasium and came back, but decided to try running along the river’s cycling road and health.
Because of my lack of money, the $ 3 fee for the 3-hour training room is very expensive and puts pressure on savings.
While following my path, I was anxious about my own desire to stop the desire and was drawing a vision of the future.
Everyday life is trying not to have a pleasant experience so as not to leave unrestrained to living while living towards death.
Every time I see Yahoo news entertainment articles, I feel disgusted and the elements of my frustrations are the media that makes life extremely entertaining.
I realize that the misery of others is a taste of honey and it is a lesson of the masses, while the happiness of others is like bad bacteria that increase the jealousy of the masses.
I can not understand the willingness to use labor income to idol worship or to rejoice in the masses and I have never bought CDs, videos or tickets during my student days.
I used a nude photobook of women in the library art instead of buying porn videos and recorded a radio music program instead of buying a music CD.
I’ve been searching for a method that is easy and satisfying enough, and I thoroughly examine what can be used free of charge, I think because I could not work in childhood.
Given the bad habits of humans comparing themselves with others I can clearly assert that my happiness is first and foremost and I am very satisfied with the current diet.
I see nausea every time I see a depiction of a celebrity who wears it, because I recognize that cosmetics are equivalent to pork fat for me.
I think that people’s sensitivities and expressive powers like enjoying living abroad and being alive living each year will be eaten by bacteria in society.
This morning I tried to introduce a part of my daily routine on Youtube, I shot it, and I felt strongly that I was unwilling to express myself.
It’s too complete to update about 80 Youtube videos and I felt that I needed to make things like gratifying insensitive.
I always search for new expression methods from everyday life in greed and think that I have to cultivate the power and conception power to execute as soon as ideas come out.
I would recommend everyone to watch the document program.
There is no doubt that the depictions that sports athletes, physically disabled people and mentally disabled people who suffer from predicament desperately try to live for something will be the vitality of our lives.
A statement that includes the loser’s regrets is stronger than the winner and it is more convincing and I am not deep in the winner’s delightful impression.
Anyway, I think recently that it would be better for us to live in a situation where we were driven in with a hungry spirit.

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