What I have to do in future is ….

if I get to London or New York or Berlin or Helsinki or Tokyo or Rome or rio de Janeiro or Santiago and then I just try to do some experiments, I say hello to local citizens in English and ask for country’s polite condition or something like that. And I am going to know how boring to stay at foreign country, sightseeing is nothing for me and dairy life is just boring. Why don’t they traveler stop abrading to foreign country, anyway it is too mush costing for airplane charge and hotel fees. Walking on mainstream in capital cities is really nothing to me because nobody try to say hello to me, what should we gonna to do there? I recommend to make a few friends before arrive, and stay at friend’s household. So please do not forget about your current occupation and incumbents. There is beautiful landscapes in those countries and especially I am interested in backstreet which usual buildings shops are dirty. Guys form hells kitchen are tend to have conversation with differ race people I guess, actually I saw.

I thought I thought…..
It comes to my mind
Lifework I believe in Jesus Christ, jumping into another place, stay at someone’s home which I had never ever visited it before.
I am looking forward to find friends who’s always welcome and having passion for somethings.
and the flower which was named forget me not is best one for my life.
singing in quietly room when I was ten years old, I didn’t know why I’ve chosen the forget me not at flower shop.
I was like little piggy, loud bow bow so many times.

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