Distributed work

Distributed work

Distributed work of animation production


  1. Character Design
  2. Background design
  3. Produce character
  4. expressions
    Move character

I feel that human concentration is less than an hour. Providing quality products requires a long production period, and I think it is important to abandon mass production. For example, the music industry releases new songs every month to mass produce hit songs, but I think that is nonsense. The attitude of seeking quality products is professional, and I think it is important to work with professionalism.
I want to condemn consumers who are brainwashed by commercialism by stopping thinking of buying low-quality products. It is difficult to provide high-quality products continuously, and if you want to do short-term activities, you should continue mass production.
I want to do the creation work until I die, and stick to my life. I enjoy everyday animation production, and always look for new ways of expression. I don’t have a home, so there is no stress while working.

Van Gogh Biography

I recently watched a Van Gogh biography movie. I think his half life was a lonely day, and I’m impressed with his attitude to bet on everything. I’m not doing creative activities while receiving someone’s financial support, but I and Van Gogh share the same part of the creative activities in unstable life. I think it’s great to have a stable spirit that won’t lose anything. Abandoning cars, washing machines and microwave ovens, the spirit can be trained by the suffering of poverty. I want other artists to see Van Gogh’s biographies and works.

My character design

I don’t draw anime characters in an easy way. For example, characters made with tools for drawing circles and squares are boring. Pursuing your own brand is not easy and it is a part of lonely work. I do what no one does, and I do not do what everyone does. So I don’t use Facebook, Instagram or twitter to spread my blog or Youtube. The reason I use only my blog and Youtube is simply because I don’t like the masses, and I find it cumbersome to manage a lot of accounts.

Let’s do what everyone hasn’t done
Let’s ignore what everyone is doing
My brand is unknown
Find your own brand no one knows

Animation production

Write a blog post

7km running

I try to maintain a virtuous cycle every day. Then, when you get up at about 2 o’clock in the middle of the night, think about your daily schedule and go to bed again after the schedule is decided. However, basically I run from the morning to noon in the afternoon with creative activities. He writes a blog post between breaks after running and posts a blog post on the day. It’s important to work hard and update every day on the Internet. It’s not enough to simply make an effort, and sharing with the world is motivating.

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