Divorce experience

Divorce experience

I thought about the psychology of the divorced parents’ children
I think it would be meaningless to grow up without feeling your parents’ love
Everyone is crazy about love in adolescence and loses reason
There are many people who can not do social activities due to the severity of real society

Hard work and boring daily life every morning

My husband’s love is cold
The sexless situation of the American couple is surprising
However, I think it is difficult to keep on loving only certain people
Daily life is painful for people who always seek stimulation
Human relations in the company
Marital relationship
Relationship between parents and children
Business circumstances
It is difficult to live with various problems
So there are people who get divorced and want freedom

You should not seek sex
You should understand the mechanism of reproductive instinct and become a theorist
We worked today

Actual working hours and sex hours
It makes no sense to have sex without a break
I think the nature of love sex is not pleasure
I feel I should seek the benefit of others

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