Broken hearts

As you knew that a lot of celebs got divorced at once and it happens each year, this is unbelievable news and also ridiculous things of one. Getting divorce is an ethnical problem and surely the legitimate resolution between two persons and nobody is able to hail them over curt but I think there are no response.

It does matter with surface, such a gorgeous looking, and then you don’t tend to curd owning desires and it keep ignoring the most impression as a human character in order to make love for getting comfortable too much as quick as they do. There is no point that only superficial beauty to each other’s type.

Always being too cautious is good for ourselves I guess.

When you got injured or sickness…

What if your condition is trend to imminent danger with physics?

Recent knowledge from my experience is about the structure of humanity and loving each other is certainly going to be depressing thing and finally it will disappear at once.

It doesn’t work to careful of each troubles by existent of lover.

Maybe there are some people who doesn’t eligible to be husband, wife in this world.

Charging pastime to family times

Ordinary I hoping to be honest with myself anytime

having own kids in lifetime or playing with own kids or having dinner with own family are really graceful virtue thing and a apparently happier’s statement.

Are you aware about the moment of conversation with family for a long time?

Think of freelance, any words with that, for instance, pastime for meditation.

To foster own kids literally getting exhaust too much for all over the world’s husbands.

Temporal happens, or kill times

The numerous of eager athletes wanting some terms of concentration while spent with kids for a long time.

You understand why they had judged to divorce.

Back to be single person after out of court.

We all people are always mistaking.

In the beginning of their daily life, you seem to say it that I’d stand on my head for you as I love you, so far so good. A man must have some patience or other.

We don’t wanna run a risk.

Somehow we are seeking for love.

On second thought, I gave it up for self happiness.

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