Do not run away from reality


There is no problem in all human lives

In terms of pole theory, everything is a problem in human life and we always live with the negative part.
I do not want to let go of the feeling theory, and I understood the ultimate answer, so I decided to accept my fate honestly.
We are very painful when we live with jealousy and we hurt ourselves further if we lose confidence.
I was thinking about my own ideal and reality now and convinced that it would be meaningless to live by believing in more emotional theory.
The trouble I’m currently having is the lack of interpersonal communication skills, and the fact that I am self-hated because of low intelligence.
I lose vitality without getting the evaluation from anyone who created it myself
Is God bullying us?
I regretted that I must consider the power of social media and the circumstances of Internet users.
I was not able to come to a meeting, and I was just unable to shoot and I went down home.
Is it the best not to be loved by me, and building human relationships makes me unhappy?
Under the situation of despair, I went to sell the printer but was rejected by the purchaser and came back with heavy printer.
For me in a non-earning situation, a small income is a hope, and the only source of hope for me to live is social contribution and a sense of fulfillment.
If you are alone, you become a person with the feeling that you are not afraid of death or willing to die anytime.
It is a fact that I just look like the wild horse looking for marriage and courtship of people and seek the misery of others.
I was painful to turn on my TV or computer and I just read the Bible all night long to comfort me.
Have I been working hard since I was a child for the future?
Humans who encourage someone by saying kind words are considered irresponsible demons.
Instead of saying kind words, giving $ 100 is more encouraging and I think that the other party will be happy.
My mind, who gave up living as a video editor, has fallen, but I have made a compromise to go to work as a rescue.
I found a job suitable for me without doing a job I didn’t want to do, and I thought about becoming a messenger, trying to outsource.
Foreigners doing taxi business in Japan, I reconsidered to be active as a messenger in the future.
This Sunday I sold my favorite single-lens reflex camera and printer and threw away my old feelings.
I will sell $ 700 for the next month’s rent and plan to attend a company briefing next week.
Human beings grow by struggling and enduring, and we feel that everyone must live and grow.
The reason I wanted to live strongly in this town was thanks to the sense of fulfillment after I acted and I was conscious of the economic power.
Last week my mental pain was sore extreme that I was reaffirming the changes in my life.
I don’t want to be a boring person, I want to seriously think about things in a forgiving attitude towards anyone and try to keep trying until I die.
It is extremely foolish to hate others, and to be a celebrity or to be rich you will never have a sense of fulfillment in the long run.
I do not have the feeling of exchanging other troubles for the troubles of loneliness that I have always had.
Unfortunately for me, coordinating communication with a large number of people is more painful than loneliness.
I was indeed jealous of Youtube videos of two couples who love each other, but I still reconsidered to live like myself.
I chose my life as an isolated warrior who continues to pursue success until he dies as a challenger rather than supporting his family.
Like the deceased people who have made great achievements and achievements for future generations, I also want to leave contemporary art and claims for future generations.
I do not complain to people doing economic activities for light cutlet I can not simply empathize with the morals and values ​​of ordinary people.
That is why I have never been successful and maybe I may not be successful for life.
I know and understand that there are a lot of people who gain wealth and fame by uploading images, videos and sentences in social media.
I have studied the process of success and I simply don’t want to model success and gain wealth or fame for myself.
I am expecting that people living in the future world will be interested in the values ​​and sensibility of old people, and I want to interact with future people.
I want to convey to the future human beings that I am accepting problems with gentleman in the current era when the etiology is disordered.
Can not be indifferent to events such as riots in Hamas in the Middle East, bomb attacks in Israel and political turmoil in Venezuela.
Every time I know information about a never-ending incident or accident, I become anxious and lose appetite and fall into insomnia.
I am aware of the limitations of having 7 billion people living together in harmony with the huge number of people, and perhaps humans will continue to make mistakes.
A few weeks ago incidents such as the bombing of Sri Lanka and the collapse and rioting of Notre Dame Cathedral in France have been weathered and new problems have occurred.
If you try to sue something with contemporary art, the public will be indifferent to the problem and will increase the number of problems we are having
We will have to keep a balance between optimistic and pessimistic thinking about the destiny of human beings who can not escape from anxiety and mistrust
We can not go to the scene of the case and solve the case It is impossible to go to the usual workplace or classroom and simply resume the work?
We should not be indifferent to the problems that are happening all over the world while suffering from economic activities, but it is difficult for us to return to weekday events and be useless.
Even if we Japanese who live peacefully in a small island country belonging to the end of the world go to the center of the world, it is useless and the position differs.
It is human happiness to live quietly and peacefully in the islands of Oceania and rural villages in Northern Europe, and I think that we should not go to the capitals of the world and become capitalists.
I have no choice but to look at being polluted by harmful commercialism in pure youth hearts.
With hundreds of people born and dead every day, we are pursuing only the richness of life without searching for the meaning of life.
The wonderful movement caused by the Swedish girl’s appeal for global warming has already vanished and I look up at the sky again.
On the premise that humanity’s problem is not solved forever, we feel that we are giving up trying to solve the problem and trying to follow the desire.
Pastors, university professors and great doctors are unfinished people, and new sad incidents will only come into the information center next week.

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