Do not treat black people as special

Do not treat black people as special

I find it uncomfortable that the public is oversensitive to black people.
The same mistakes will be repeated from now on.
Next to the coronavirus, racial problems have occurred.
I don’t expect humanity’s future in this situation.
And then I’m reaffirming that it’s a really stupid creature.
White people destined to keep black people forever.
Asians like me are wrong to get in their mediation.
Every day we eat, drink and live.
If you are happy to live, there is no complaint.
But everyone is dissatisfied.
All of the information you get from the news is not an essential item in your life.
Unnecessary information is spreading.

Are there black people in the countryside of Japan?

I live in the Japanese countryside.
And I can’t see black people in the town where I live.
Because there are no black people there.
In other words, I cannot discriminate against black people.
Black people cannot discriminate me.
So I can’t sentimentally sympathize with a black man.
All of my classmates are yellow race Asians.
I see it as an event in a very distant world.
And I’m feeling the fate of Latin whites.
So I sympathize with those white people who have to treat black people as specially and sensitively.

A vacant scene where you say you are right

Everyone makes the right decision.
Everyone is making a mistake at the same time.
Victims are pessimistic about their alleged justice.
I think we should avoid the controversy and news that never end.
The problem is not with the black people, but with the character and nature of the life form.
I think it’s the best way to live alone because I realize I am wrong.

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