Do not trust anyone


Do not trust anyone

There is no solid trust.
I do not deny that I am living by selfishness.
Understand the attitude of securing selfishness by using other powers.
However, it is a world where no one can trust.
The cause of the very uncomfortable state is the mischief in the margin created by the mass media and the peaceful world.
If you don’t ask for the same excitement over and over again, you will be bored.
You will feel stressed by the progress of creation and the unsolved problem.
But I am convinced that humans have good luck when they are under stress.

Used by someone and used by someone

Don’t use anyone unless you want someone to use it.
But I can’t live without using someone.
There is a conflict.
Everyone has suffered the pain of their position.
You have to throw something away to break it.
And we have to accept new forms of suffering.
After all, I cannot escape from my suffering.
I have stopped entrusting it to someone.
This allows us to maintain a position that is not entrusted to anyone.
You don’t have to trust anyone.
If you don’t trust it

Single and collective animals

1.Freedom of a single animal.
2.Helping collective animals.
3.No guarantee of single animal.
4.The lack of individual space for collective animals.

Don’t flock, play the main character of the tragedy.
Are you satisfied with the supporting position of the epic drama and the standing position like an extra?
You don’t encounter dramatic events every day, but you can always trigger a dramatic event.
I’ve been recommending loneliness on this blog dozens of times.
But I have noticed recently.
It means that human beings live according to the scenario written by God.
Therefore, you can only live according to God’s scenario.
I think it’s the fate of each person to die without realizing it.
It’s not good to live emotionally.
that’s all.

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