Do what you love

Do what you love

I think successful people can turn their hobbies into work.
Interpret on the assumption that you like the work.
I don’t think there will be any problem if you do not feel difficult to respond to some requests from consumers.
Still, few people can turn their hobbies into work.
I recommend turning my hobby into a side job.
In other words, step up before turning your hobby into your main business.
It has been a year and a half since I turned my hobby into a side job.
I don’t have any side income in the meantime, but I think it’s definitely a fruit of the future.
In other words, even if you start your hobby side job, you can’t immediately monetize it.
I myself intend to continue my side job like a five-year plan.

Piggyback on trends

Anyway, I think the future is video.
That’s because 5G super high speed giga is coming.
The world’s largest video site is Youtube.
If you don’t test your possibilities on Youtube, you will regret it for a lifetime.
A few years ago, I watched a self-development video on YouTube and changed my mind.
It learned the importance of acting assuming the future several years later.
So I quit my painting hobby from eight years ago.
Many people are struggling with high quality video production to earn advertising revenue on YouTube.
It is important to take advantage of such trends.

I don’t think it is necessary to go to college anymore.
So I don’t think I need to go to an educational facility in an age where I can study on the Internet.
However, since she cannot experience an internship, she must first get a job by himself and gain practical experience.
The principle of not using paid sites is thoroughly enforced.
I don’t think paid information is more useful than free information.
I really collect all the information on YouTube videos.
Past sources of information, such as television, radio and newspapers, can be perceived as unnecessary.
Since they have used public facilities such as libraries, they have little experience purchasing commercial books and records.
We strongly recommend that you do not visit paid sites anyway.

Compete in low supply areas

I can say I should look for the Blue Ocean field.
We absolutely do not recommend competing in highly competitive fields like the Red Ocean.
Anyway, we are pursuing video contents and video styles that no one is doing.
She seeks out strange works out of common sense and mediocre feelings.
I want to see my YouTube videos so far.
Well I tried various video styles and watched the number of views to find in the dark.
And finally, my uniqueness was animated video.
Certainly there are many animation artists and producers.
But I haven’t seen many animated videos.
That’s because you can’t get public sympathy.
The average number of views on my videos is around ten.
Even though there are billions of viewers, the number of views and views does not increase at all.
But I have an estimate.
We believe that we can get a chance if we continue to communicate this uniqueness.
There is no evidence or evidence, but I think that people with a strong desire to reveal themselves will continue to grow.


The way to increase the probability of success is to imitate the success.
It just needs to be a model human copy.
Is there a romance there?
There is only money.
If you succeed by imitating and you are satisfied, you can imitate.
I’d better fail with my own identity.
It’s important to give up on what you love to make it work.
But do you want to abandon your philosophy and seek success?

Should model successful thinking circuits

I respect Steve jobs.
But he has not imitated him.
But he refers to his imitation of the circuit of thought.
In short, thinking is the key to all success.

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