Do you know Robert Redford?

Ordinary people

Robert Redford’s memorable first movie work is one of my favorite movies. This work that drew a splendid picture of the American middle class general lifestyle is a movie reversed the image for some kind of me. The content of the story of this movie is a story composed of four families of the middle class of the American middle class, two fathers, a mother and two sons and the elder brother of them died due to the boat rollover. Three remaining families are sending daily life while dragging their brother’s sorrow, a brother who collided within the family because of a trivial thing and became his only son suffer only one thing. My brother always blames himself that his brother has died because he is his fault and is constantly trying to correct myself while going to the spirit counselor and eventually the relationship with the surrounding people will get worse. My father is a fairly spiritual person with a temperate character and one who care more about my son more gently than anyone. On the other hand, my mother is quite a cold person and does not say badly about my younger brother but he is dragging his brother forever. The family of the three families eventually have a father whose relationship between mother and son’s brother got worse and he managed to fix that relationship. My brother fell in love with one of the same high school girls in high school students and talks to her about her feelings and gradually grows up. My favorite scene in this movie is my son’s brother who rejects it because three families line up trying to take pictures so impressive and liked. My brother does not like mothers very much and they do not want to take pictures with them together, so I can not say scenes that my father asks me to take pictures as soon as possible. I think that the dislike for his brother’s mother is because her mother felt something disgusting that his son was obliged to press on his brother something like his obsession against his brother on purpose. My brother’s son must have disagreed the presence of his mother who reveals his thoughts toward his brother. My brother certainly loved his older brother and his mother also loved the fact of his son’s brother. My thoughts on the two older brothers would have been equal and my father who tried to stop it somehow also loved my older brother. It is the father who desperately tried hard to accept the death of his son’s brother and still regain reason. It is natural for everyone to distract themselves by trying to overcome the situation of sadness or trying to forget themselves desperately so it will be nice to solve the problem in conflict with themselves Is drawn. I think that it is probably because myself is a man that there is some doubt that how the mother’s true feeling was. I thought that his mother, of course, had paid the same love to both of his two sons, but I felt that his affection was inclined toward his brother. My son’s brother who felt like that may have become angered towards her by jealousy or something to that and I think that I also wanted to prove that I also loved my older brother more than anyone. When I look at the plot of the story of this movie, my older brother was better than my brother and was proud of his brother, and his brother’s death disappointed against his brother ‘s reason. It may be. After all, each of the three families conflicts with themselves and there is only a way to think of each other objectively, in order to finally share it. The melody of Hallelujah who was singing in the high school chorus is impressive and the impression is that the younger brother sang Hallelujah for her. It is a movie that I want to advance to people who are suffering from conflicts among families. It is encouraging that people in such blessed families of the middle class of the United States have such similar troubles.

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