Don’t keep getting tired

Don’t keep getting tired

The epidemic will fade in a few years.
Human emotions are the same.
Movies, music, relationships and everyday life are the same.
We are temporarily absorbed in something.
However, tiredness always comes.
Each time people feel like they are looking for a new stimulant.
Certainly, I get tired of my favorite hobbies and work.
How can I continue without getting tired?
It’s just a change.

Creative elements

I think I need an infinite element of creation for what I like.
Is there a creation in a world like sports where there are only wins and losses?
Another important factor is the active life.
There is always retirement in sports and companies.
In other words, you cannot work until you die.
I have to look for a new job and learn again.
That’s why I feel right that I didn’t go to college or sports.
I was really into sports.
However, considering a long-term life plan, it is best not to choose a genre for a limited period of time.
Let’s search for fields that have elements of creation.

Get tired of the opposite sex

Have you ever been absorbed in a beautiful actress or singer?
However, isn’t the degree of enthusiasm for that longing really changed even now?
I realized that it was a waste of time to judge the opposite sex by appearance.
A beautiful woman also puts out a stink from her ass.
When I imagined that, I felt ashamed that I was being danced by illusions and virtual images.
It is a proof of false human beings that we have been tired of many heterosexuals.

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