Don't seek miracles


Don’t seek miracles

There are no miracles.
It’s just something happening.
Living with romantic emotions makes humans unhappy.
I do not intend to betray children who are impressed by fairy tales.
But there are no miracles or contingencies in my life.
Thinking about the success and failure.
I am a failer, a loser, a useless example.
Accepting everything leads to a bad path.
I have no hope or outlook.
So there was a corrupt period in my past experience.
The moment I realized it was useless, I was against morals.
I feel sorry for the sheep who have lived on the rails of society.
I do not intend to see illusions and fantasies, but I am pessimistic when I see the real world without vision.


Listening to the true story of a saved miracle human is not convinced.
I have no miracle experience.
But I myself believe in God.
She is acting down to sink his anger.
I’m happy to continue living in this city until I die, but I’m jealous of emigrating.
But why are there so many stunning events and immovable sad consequences in reality?
The only reason why I have failed college and high school exams and rejected employment exams is my low potential.
I live with my own introverts, poor understanding and poor looks and style.
I think it’s ridiculous to visit a shrine as a miracle ritual.
I no longer believe in emotions.
He just has doubts about the meaning of sorrow for God.

Eternal world and decades of life

I want sadness over miracles.
You can always feel joy if you seek sadness.
Do you know that you are aiming for the eternal world?
Am I a bad guy?
No one feels joy at not supporting me.
Van Gogh’s works, biographies and biographies who experience the same sadness make me happy.
The pleasures of decades and eternity cannot be compared.
People are watching them continue to seek pleasure without having to throw them away.

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