About 7 years ago that I’ve had a couple of off days to foster own body and then I had often been wandering around coffee shops or book sores. One day I had pass by book store to buy something like newly essay book for near future. Actually I had been crazing about French cultures which are classic films and language and foods or so. Especial thing for me that was French language. In the beginning that I was very interesting about French pronounce and such as thing was absolute beauty song for me.

When I was 25 years old and I had started to study French by myself and I bought French dictionary and some textbook which is gain score of public language exam. But I didn’t expect to get highly score of French language examination. I just wanted to absorb something differ cultures from my country. Honestly between my language and French is definitely complicate and very complexing for me. Such a their daily lifecycle is amazed appearance and what I wanna exchange was might French daily lifestyle I think so.

The beautiful woman who’s name is Dora TAUZIN

She Dora is actually temporal living in my country and day to day she is working on as a journalist and essayist and teacher of French language or French wine. I bought her essay book when I was 25 years old and I was shocked French cultures habits by her sentences. I thought that I have to change French style from own same old style.

I could learned some gracefully lifestyle by her book and her lifestyle is firstly being alone to be free anytime. 

Sometimes I try to rethink of own lifestyle and when I just think over of social systems or something like insurances or pension life and those things are going to mess me too much to annoy my direction. 

What does its mean alone for us? I doubtful it that we all humanity is ought to take after kind of traditional way of living on lifetime. Surely what to obey stabled way is stabilizing own life and can be ignore risky times or dangerous scene of like. But you know it isn’t most impressed judgement to get it thought as good as some legend persons were. 

Dora TAUZIN is logical thinker

How to check self mind out? What exact current topic of living is forcing around discards and opponents.

After I did master her logical thinking that I always am try to accomplish to ask myself for realizing current own emotional or honestly.

And I am supposed to protect my original way of living in my lifetime without a cause.

  1. I won’t be patient it for future.
  2. It will be appear originality after action.
  3. I just prioritize upcoming schedule if I wanna be self.
  4. There is nothing to limit with dream or what I really wanna do.
  5. The point of fashionable is considering of objection.
  6. Always need to care full of good idea to express.
  7. I suppose to buy some under wears when I were upset for something.
  8. I can express my existence by perfume.
  9. My own life’s partner is another oneself, which I am being alone.
  10. I’m having own sometimes to be happy.
  11. It must enjoy taking for walk.
  12. Fish of all, get a marry with someone and secondly having own family isn’t not meaning life.
  13. I don’t have to be rush to work for living.
  14. I could take strongly and confidential power since form my self daily life.
  15. I just try to consider unnecessary wasting money to enjoy life.
  16. What to find a lot of quality of life everyday.
  17. It is nonsense to shrink own selection because of age.
  18. I will never let me out of control with housekeeping.
  19. Having nicely and credible friends.
  20. It makes self life change because of learning foreign language.
  21. I don’t afraid of changing my around environment.
  22. Whenever I intend to enjoy anything.
  23. I would love to live in anywhere I want.
  24. Must having opinion to claim any problems and that’s kind of obligation.
  25. It isn’t work that firstly too apologize it.
  26. I don’t mind if someone tend to deny my appearance or something like that.
  27. I’ll always saving money to enjoy vacance.
  28. No wine no meal.

I respectful Dora’s lifestyle.

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