Downtown at dusk in Japan


Downtown at dusk in Japan

Downtown of Japan dyed in the color of twilight
Office workers and students returning home at 5:00 pm
A scene where the butchers and shops and public bath houses in the shopping district are full of traffic
A shopping area where good old Japanese shoppers are not supermarkets
There are plenty of downtown spots in Tokyo
I want foreigners to feel the taste of beautiful Japanese downtown in the dusk

Tokyo downtown spot

Downtown area of ​​Tokyo where you can go by Yamanote line

Nishi-Nippori Station Yanaka-dori
Nippori Station Yanaka-dori
Around Ueno Ameyoko
Komagome Station frosted street
Shopping street in the vicinity of Tadate Station Arakawa Amusement Park

There are few downtowns in the metropolitan area such as Shibuya, Shinjuku and Shinagawa
If you want to seek healing in a calm environment when traveling in Japan, you should go to the downtown area

I used to live in Tokyo’s Arakawa ward, a downtown area of ​​Tokyo for 5 years
I have so many memories in Arakawa Ward
For me, Arakawa-ku, Taito-ku and Bunkyo-ku in Tokyo are places like my own garden
I really want to guide foreign tourists at any time

I do not think that I simply enjoy Harajuku and Aoyama Dori

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