Dr phil


Dr Phil

Do you know popular TV program Dr Phil in America?

It can lean what everyone has various circumstance by this program.

Its hard to live together and it means that recently everyone is suffering everyone.

Every race is struggling with human relations you know that.

There is no accurate answer anywhere and to coexist is really hard for us.

Of course it is impossible to group Americans in a single unit and ten of thousands of people probably suffer from life in any countries. Values for happiness are different for each person therefore that after all choose a person with a value similar to yourself as your marriage partner or as a friend. We must coexist with people who have values different from ours. From my own philosophy of life that if you get something, be sure to lose something. Life is correctly in line. Everyone certainly faces setbacks, failures and fears. Human being who are liable to desire is dangerous for us because it does not make sense. Everyone needs to endure something in a certain period of time. It depends on how to capture the actions of someone you can not understand. If you speak emotionally it will definitely collide with someone. I think it is important to keep a certain distance between us. But after all it is best not to make human relationships from scratch the biggest choice. Most people can not keep loneliness for a long time. Controversy I think the lonely state is the most desirable attitude of life. It is highly to provide children with the greatest risk in life also. I dont have a healthy way of living, but I think so. Its words to live with looking age. It is important not to be misled by uncertain informations. What you need now to understand each others situation what is necessary now is the fastest way to distinguish unnecessary ideas firmly. Even so many Americans are suffering and actually living in America certainly require a lot of money, I am not American, so what are their lives honest? There are no national insurance in the United States, I can imagine spicily families of Americas poor people. I would like to ask the story of the people of the poor in the United States right away. If there are Americans watching this blog, please reply by all means.

Everyone would think like this…

Happiness means that riding a nice car, drinking good drink, build a big house and travel abroad, being liked by heterosexuals, gaining fame, living with ease without working etc. first I will proceed to read philosophical books. Actually human real happiness shape is different from form of happiness that people of the general public think. Physical pleasures are not happy.

people who drown in carnal are nothing. Those who think theoretically thoroughly will certainly succeed and less regret. In my case I am boring because I always live my desire abandoned but never cry later for own desires. Please take a look at this program for the lesson of life on the other hand, you can see the teachers view.

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