Realistic idea


My word today

Realistic idea

If you don’t make efforts in your youth, you will struggle in old age.

So I think I have to struggle in my youth and invest myself.
Oh my god, tired of competing.
It suppresses and ignores the pleasures of others.
He neglects eating and drinking, restaurants and food stalls.
Uhh the public is celebrating the real Monday morning in hell.
I can’t join the masses.
That’s not my problem.

I am convinced that it is important to throw away pleasure because of pain.

Need to have some fun party for keep behaving yourself you know.
Sometimes you need to be roman person in excessive society.
Well we are intend to forget to make smile in front of each other when you must have some problems in company.
So I just recommend you to adjust both of things, realistic and unrealistic.
Thank you

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