Given the dual nature of things, don’t trust everything.
Thinking about the front and back of a human.
Just as there is a front and a back of a nation, an individual has a front and back.

There is nothing in this world

I want to introduce the back of me.
The back shows pessimism.
I have no friends.
And I am insulated from my family.
More than 100 times he wanted to kill his father.
She is stressed by her mother’s theory of emotion.
I still grudge my three older brothers.
So I have never been in a decent job.
Also I always feel comfortable living alone.
He has been temporarily immoral.
I have read pornographic videos every day and posted mischievous comments on internet sites.
He has written songs of anger to relatives and sent demo tapes to music offices.
He has also committed several motorcycle speeding violations.
Well I feel angry or stressed about the group.
And I may be a part of some kind of internet addict.
I’m a human waste.

The public does not show

I myself want to reveal the back.
You can discard your pride and let yourself know about your weaknesses and weaknesses.
I think most internet users are hiding the backs anyway.
Internet users who don’t show up simply hide and post abstract images.
I am thinking about the dual nature of this.
Therefore, I feel credibility for the person who makes the back part known to others first.
You should not trust people who laugh at the first meeting.
I think a person with a bad impression is a more innocent person.

The back of Japan

I would like to introduce a little bit of the real behind Japan.
First, the working environment and working conditions are the most malignant.
And the national character of a sense of closure.
If you are convinced in a life without a future outlook, please come to work in the Japanese working class.
Such work is rotten.
There is almost no neighborhood relationship.
The uniqueness of a single race state is excessive patriotism and obsession.
Japan has frequent criminal cases and is not a peaceful nation.
I am certain that Japan’s future economic development will not be 100%.

Half of the table is a lie

Every publicity is a lie.
I think there is a limit to human services.
Anyway, I feel credible in the pessimistic part and I think it’s OK to assume that the optimistic part has lies and virtual images.
Humans who can understand the meaning of two sides do not have to waste.
Most of the time, I’m a thrift before realizing duality, so I don’t buy unnecessary services.

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