During a five years period

Nowadays I thought that it is most expression how to show beautiful appearance is preparing for death in the future, so I am doing well.
what do you looking forward to seeing at tonight? Before sunrise, there is almost fade in subtle light in quietly village, then I feel like to be die in early morning. I do love own position and I can be stay at this situation even if I will be enjoying in another placement. Always has unreasonable always has terrible incidents in any case, maybe we won’t stop stifling own desire and being selfish until die. When I was ten years old, then I was often thought seriously about domestic violence in my family, conflicting between brothers or sisters by differ character. I know why people are always looking for love everywhere is basically proving life, and I’m sure it is true. You can enjoy fun times! You can enjoy fun times!! Do not be alone anyway! Do not be alone anytime!!
Such as bored dairy in any situation, then you might be struggle to outlive with your family and also must careful of all relation without any cause…
Look at broadcasts, breaking news, and temporary motions.


I just wanna ask you guys simply a few things.
– Why did you get marriage with your husband?
* Why do you guys always deny about each other?
* Why do you hate your wife? Madam…
* Why do you hate your husband? Mr…

There is a lot of family in this world, nobody is perfect in this world.
I saw such a miserable compromises of plenty household, end up to live together and it will be getting divorce at last. I think the love is going to fade down over and again and it seems disappear love from people’s mind. So I have recommended some friends not to get marriage for safety life and love’s system is weak thing for human, what do you recommend me about love? Somehow I can taste bitter only about loving memory.

Our perspective is totally different

I don’t really expect people to show a wonderful opportune for me and no more regrets.

Positive Negative
Playing with own kids Not allow to own pastime
Unnecessary to be alone Rear own family
Have a fun with private party Speaking to myself
Obtain strength nutrition Instant foods

Nobody knows what I want to do

Anything is broken up, let’s get started to murmur many complaints

how to resolve your problems with social life

1. Count the number
2. Become nothing
3. Freeze without breathing
4. Jump two times

The working class, the middle class literati, and lawyer, doctor, politician, …

Provided I was burned in wealth environment in us, I could relish a good joke in moody.
By greek mythology, I am spending bizarre lifecycle everyday, I can’t covey recent condition of my mind now. People sounded tense about serious strains on the global environment and a heterogeneous society. What is people’s a prospective ideal?
Creating a sense of reassurance or begin to abate a tax in near future?
You might thought of flee from the reality when you were underage I guess.
I actually am a blue worker with low income, no paid holiday. I’d been worked at warehouse for 4 years.
You know usual people who knows social system since from childhood are avoid to work at factory, warehouse, so a focal point of good occupation is high salary 75K.
I was wandering around the hometown for a while, because I lost a purpose of lifetime, genuine goal.
I don’t know a occupation of someone who reads my blog actually and if you can afford to respond a question, tell me a complaint with job by e-mail.


I wanna know how to cope with stress.
Wholesome relation, raise the awareness of current issue, …in principle for us.
What in a reflective mood is that concern oneself with a dynamic and ambitious motions, an innovative determinant is certainly showed me foreign habits when I was 22 years old. That was nightmare happened to my young age that it was useless working so hard all time. Unfortunately my around people are tedious existent for me then, needed to enhance motivate for everyday.
For me especial counties were Eastside which is France, French traditional behaving was pop up from nowhere. What I concern to outlook for the global economy, is induce outbreak of a civil war, more economic nomads, I had been pondering the state of the world. To emigrate from my country to France is gonna be boost attaining the goal I guess. We invariably making a mistake therefore to emigrate is not reasonable way of living life. Roughly speaking I wish I could be differ race.

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