Dynamite Kid


The famous professional wrestler’s dynamite kid in England has gone

The famous professional wrestler’s dynamite kid died on December 5, 2018. British wrestling industry is not that big, but I personally like UK professional wrestlers. World wrestling box office income is smaller than box office income of other professional sports facts. Wrestling is a popular country mainly in the United States, Britain, Mexico and Japan. I think the world’s best American pro-wrestling organization is probably WWE.

It is still unbelievable to me that Junior heavyweight champion British dynamite kid was gone. Every year when famous people know about the news they are about to die, I feel that something’s view of life is changing little by little. The dynamite kid’s name match will still be a junior heavyweight match with the Tiger Mask. I think he was most active during the first half of the 1980s. Dynamite Kid who fascinated the world’s pro wrestling fans while walking around various professional wrestling groups in the world.

I think that most British people are not very interested in wrestling, so I think that the sports of football, rugby and cricket are mainstream in the UK. I think that it is the United States and Mexico that pro wrestling is known worldwide as major sports again. I think the main style of American professional wrestling is entertainment. For Americans I think that wrestling can be felt in entertainment called entertainment, not fighting sports. I think sports of professional fighting sports is UFC of mixed fighting spirit. The UFC game of the past is so cruel that I think I can see it once. On the other hand, Mexican wrestling and Japanese wrestling are rather high technological aspects.

The young British now probably do not know the dynamite kid. I think English wrestling professional wrestler who is active in current active person also does not know about dynamite kid.

I pray for your souls, dynamite kid…..

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