The most important thing to do when working is unit price

How long are you going to work in your year?

How long is your holiday in a year?

How much is your annual working time?

How much is your weekly working time?

Once my yearly workday was 266 days and the holidays were 99 days.

And the annual working time was 2083 hours and the weekly working time was 40 hours. Overtime worked almost 2 hours each day and the unit price of 1 hour was 9 dollars and almost no raise was raised. It is not unusual for public holidays to run out, and it was not uncommon to go to work on Saturday as usual. Even during the hot summer days I was working hard at the factory even in the rain during the coldest of winter I was really miserable and apparently had a wrong way of working. It is difficult to balance the way to chase one’s dream while feeding the child and it is certain that it will be overworked mentally and physically.

What I have to think is a hourly rate.

I noticed that I can control working hours by calculating the monthly salary and unit price I need for it. I think that securing free time only for myself is important time in terms of living life.

Monthly salary income you are seeking / Revenue per day = working time

There is a feeling that it is impossible to think capitalism when it is in a communist society, individualist trends have not penetrated yet in the countries of the Asian region and the regions of each emerging country. It seems that everyone is unable to secure freedom because of the differences from the customs of each country although it is not bad separately although they use the individual rights normally. If hourly hourly rate is about 30 dollars, I think I can do anything freely to travel and to go to school every month. Everyone needs to raise the rarity value of each individual.

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