Global warming

Last night, it was long time no eat chicken and I ate.
Then I felt something guilty or crime for something…
I can’t take it anymore, what the hell is going on earth today?
Our mentality is homeless it is so called, stop global warming.
I have not own car, motorcycle, family, which are adding H2O.
Besides, about increasing population in this world is dangerous signing now.
How can we stand up for that? Uhh.. stop lovingly party right now?
Being alone……….. is better than you guys thought.
Lonely boy lonely girl, lonely man lonely woman,
Lonely Oldman lonely old woman
They all status is actually costless to live any situation.
You probably afraid to be alone for a long time but you have to be patient at first.
Patient.. must be patient, it comes some comfortable mood to your mind I guess.
As I confessed, what I ate chicken at last night is big mistaken whatever I think.
Keep on stopping eat meat fish junk foods and forget this not is good for earth.

I try to remember that once I did submit entrance paper to conestoga college last year, I was supposed to enter Canadien college, subject was web design and Spanish,
however I am now stay here and not regrets to not go to study abroad to Canada.
I guessed that I am not willing to make a dream come true in Canada which finally take a graduate of college after that get good occupation in there, using own car, paycheck to paycheck.
My hero is Vincent Van Gogh who is legend painter in Netherland. One of all my wishes is behaving like his lifestyle which loving nature, intelligence, talented, miserably. I like him.
The number of 7600000000, what do you say? Is it true? Yes that is true.
If everyone is going to be like Gogh, then population is decreasing dramatically and good news for white bears and all animals in this world. Chicken I ate too.
Tonight, I am supposed to eat vegetable menus, I don’t look at area which pork, chicken, beef, fish in super market.

Bless you who sees this sentence.
Good day.

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