East Asian countries undertaking unpleasant jobs


East Asian countries undertaking unpleasant jobs

I’m not a politician or an economist.
I’m just an unpopular creator.
It captures things from the perspective of one creator.
Reality seems disappointing to know the nature of honest talk.
I am Japanese and live in Japan.
I have lived with East Asians for over 30 years.
What is the image of East Asians for whites and blacks?
There are various images of East Asians, but I want to tell the truth.
I’m an East Asian myself, so I think this is a fresh story for interracial people like whites and blacks.

East Asians with little affection stamina

I think there is a tendency to feel a feeling of silence and attachment to a shared life.
I myself have a different sensibility than Southeast Asians and Indians who live in the same Asia as East Asians.
This is clear.
First of all, there is no doubt that East Asians are basically quiet races.
And it is the race most adapted to socialism.
I often watch foreign news on Youtube.
Overseas news and East Asian news are not similar.
East Asians are indifferent to religion and the essentials of life.
Anyway, he is obedient and obeys the commands of humans, such as bosses and teachers.
I cannot afford to express affection in my daily life due to the stress of my daily work.
On the other hand, if the number of production in the industry is reduced, anxiety will fall.
That’s why East Asians undertake jobs that other countries dislike.


Where are East Asian countries?
China, South Korea, North Korea and Japan.
I define these four countries as East Asian countries.
Mongolians are slightly different from those in East Asian countries.
These four countries have basically the same characteristics.
And no country is the best.
I think the brainwashing education in these four countries is reminiscent of militarism.
I recognize and are convinced that East Asian countries are basically socialist countries.
Official statements state that Japan and Korea are capitalist states.
I can affirm.
It is also a respectable socialist nation.
I think it is unusual for whites and blacks to understand the sensitivity of East Asians.
We East Asians have to be brainwashed and become slaves to society.

East Asian Environment

I think East Asian countries are very good tourist destinations.
I feel the food culture and tourism industry in East Asia are wonderful.
So can we see it as a destination country?
The answer is no.
China is a socialist nation and the disparity society is intense.
North Korea is as you know.
South Korea is a competitive society and its neighbor is North Korea.
Japan is declining and poverty is lower than China and South Korea.
East Asian countries have no problems with Europe or North America.
It does not raise refugee or race issues.
While East Asians and Southeast Asians make up more than 80% of the population, whites and blacks are rare.
There is a story that a white schoolgirl returned to his hometown on a morning commuter train because he did not want to feel the gaze of surrounding Asians.
In other words, I don’t think living in East Asian countries will be comfortable for whites and blacks.

Socialist state and a little liberalism

Certainly, there are rights specific to capitalist states, such as the right to vote and freedom of occupation.
But I can assert that Japan and Korea are not happy nations.
There is no doubt that the environment is not like Europe.
I feel that China is relatively stable now in the East Asian situation.
I think that’s because East Asians’ temperament is adapted to socialism.

Mass production in the electronics and automotive industries

There are a lot of people living in the factories doing disgusting work.
Anyway, obedient East Asians do little work in accordance with company orders.
There is no quality or human feeling.
It produces the same and copy products without any ingenuity or change.
In short, East Asian countries are undertaking unpleasant jobs, as the title suggests.
Whites and blacks are not willing to compromise with family and friends to cooperate in mass production.

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