East Asian countries

East Asian countries

I’m pessimistic about the habits and cultures of East Asian countries
I feel uncomfortable in a nation like a competitive society or patience
I’m Japanese but I’m not my Japanese identity
Considering the law, I have a Japanese identity, but I have no awareness of being a Japanese

I’m individualistic and don’t have nationalism or pedigree
However, East Asian personality has discomfort
Longing for Westerners who feel passive and have a little childish behavioral awareness and leadership
I compare Western European culture and European political situation with East Asian countries

Diplomacy in America and Europe is evolving and seriously tackling global environmental issues

On the other hand, there is no doubt that the political situation in East Asian countries has not reached the level of Europe.
Well,…I think that East Asian countries can’t build a connected and effective relationship like European countries
Uhhh..I think it’s because of East Asian personality
I think East Asians are obedient, mature and serious

But if you look at it from a different perspective, you can think of it as having cowardness that you can’t claim or make decisions on

It can be asserted that it is difficult for whites and blacks to adapt to East Asian behavior and culture
So I think that East Asian countries will never become an international multi-racial country
I can’t think of Japan as an overstressed society, or China or South Korea as a harsh competitive society as a cozy country
I think it is dangerous to interpret another country with a selfish image

To foreigners longing for East Asian countries

I used to dream of foreign migration and international marriage
But if you understand the real world, you can interpret things calmly and change your decision.
I longed for America when I was 22
The reason is simply the influence of the entertainment industry of Hollywood movies
However, I realize that I was just an oriental deceived by the virtual world
Even if you actually live in the United States, you can’t go out and marry Hollywood actresses
American locals aren’t as beautiful as Hollywood actresses, Americans have many races
I think it is difficult to maintain a high standard of living, expectation, fulfillment and achievement in the US

There are foreigners like me who are deceived by the entertainment industry in East Asian countries

And they don’t know the harsh situation, social background and ethnicity of real East Asian countries
I think they should actually live in East Asian countries and feel real problems
And I think I should think about living in East Asian countries until I die
The climate and economy of East Asian countries are severe and there is no beautiful tropical beach

White and black people must live with some sense of closure because they are single racial states

A crowded train on a hot summer morning in a Japanese city is really hell
However, most foreigners visit East Asian countries as tourists and few people are thinking about migrating
I think it would be difficult to move to East Asian countries unless you are a foreigner with a character similar to East Asians.

Problems in East Asian countries

I don’t want to mention issues in East Asian countries
East Asian countries do not have a language based on English or Roman characters as in Europe
All Asian languages are independent languages, all using different languages
Chinese and Japanese use common kanji, but their grammar and pronunciation are completely different.
In other words, Asian countries have a strange sense of independence and a sense of closure.

Foreign population ratio in East Asian countries
The population ratio of foreigners in Japan and Korea is about 2%
Among foreigners, more than half of Asian races and white and black people are very few

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