East Asians can't afford


East Asians can’t afford

I’m worried if I don’t always have insurance.
East Asians suffer from anxiety when they slow down their production or reduce their production.
This is another factor that is suitable for a socialist state.
Certainly, there are East Asians with other races’ thoughts and sensibilities.
However, most East Asians cannot afford to be personal.
I don’t want to disturb your regular daily routine.
So I think that if you incorporate various factors, you can grow up.
That’s why I try to grow up by referring to various foreign customs and customs.

Popular YouTuber who posts videos daily

Posting a Youtuber video every day is a big deal.
I think it is worthy of respect if you intend to continue that work for a long time.
But is the YouTube video posted every day changing, evolving and improving every time?
That is exactly the characteristic of East Asians who mass-produce and sell low-quality domestic cars.
As in Italy, businesses that continue to pursue quality by producing small quantities of high-quality cars and backpacks with an emphasis on brands are fascinated.
Many viewers are disappointed with boring video posts every time.
Still, they are feeling uneasy if they do not post videos every day.

Other race communication is relaxing

I don’t think tension should be added to interpersonal relationships.
But don’t forget the courtesy and don’t promote rude behavior.
I don’t think that a hierarchical relationship between positions can build a good relationship without stress.
However, it is difficult for us East Asians, who are brainwashed by customs and customs of their home countries, to absorb the cultures of other countries.
Should You Focus on Homeland Identity?
There is no perfect culture or custom, and every thing has advantages and disadvantages.
So East Asians cannot take leadership in immigrant countries.
The CEOs of large US, British and Australian companies are white and black.
I have never seen a famous East Asian CEO of a large US company.
And I think it is difficult for other races to incorporate the characteristics of East Asians.


Zen unification of the spirit has permeated the world a bit.
One of the ways to prepare your mind when you can’t afford it is Zen.
I do not unite my mind by Zen.
In my case, I try to unite my mind by running or walking.
I am convinced that the fundamental problem of disturbed minds is that they do not capture the essence of things.
Zen is a necessity for East Asians who can’t really afford the mind.
In other words, people of other races tend to lose their hearts.
Europeans feel they can afford.
However, living in modern societies, Europeans also predict that stress and mass media brainwashing have left them unable to afford.

East Asian Values ​​of Economic Equal Happiness

I think stability and national pride are the driving forces of East Asians.
We recognize that East Asian nations cannot have a stable economy and security of a community like European nations.
Anyway, most citizens in East Asian countries have to work like slaves for the company’s high profit and mass production.
Yes, human rights do exist, but East Asians receive brainwashing education from childhood to become socially compliant.
The truth of what is right and what is wrong is forever unknown.
However, I think it is necessary to live in a balanced manner.
We, East Asians, feel strongly that we should absorb some of the Latin cheerfulness, white minds and black optimism.

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