Economic index

Economic index

We study economics and business administration at university and start business or register for stock, and we are all trying to become rich in business. Businessmen who do not have access to something specific in the first business barrier that the issue of what to offer thinks the idea is everything. The position of being employed by a company should be considered just for doing business. Everyone is anxious to be a company employee who can do a given job or be independent. I do not know the difficulty of managing, but I think I am ineligible to become a merchant. It was stated in the economic column that Japan should raise tax in the future and raise consumption tax to 26% by Internet news today. I feel that if I do not see the various events in the world and the future direction, I will destroy the future. What do we all think and feel every day? The economy is moving with providers and suppliers holding back each other to move prices. Most people are enjoying the big events and events and the public is not interested in serious and difficult natural environment projects and economic indicators. I think that what I was really alone and I thought about for a long time had created a comfortable environment now. It is hard to find a job, but I think that it is a message from God that this should be aimed at business income. The destiny that we have to work until death is definite, and there will be times when no one can rely on society anymore. I have to study desperately when I think about my future prospects that I will be homeless. I never want to ask my parents and brothers for financial support because I have independence and I live with the desire to support my life base with my own power. I do not want anyone to borrow any more than this, and I think it is good to have all self-help. The important thing in my business income is the US economic index. I admire the ideology and logical thinking of America in the world’s largest economy after all. That’s why I am impressed by America but I do not like the country of America. In a completely capital free economy country, the economic gap is too large and sometimes neglects the United States. In every nation, good and bad phases are in line, and as a final theory there is no perfect nation on this earth. And time goes by in the end of the day I will not notice the mistake forever. Most people can not succeed by jumping on popularized things, and they are simply deceived by ad phrases. I am carelessly believing in other people quickly and carefully analyzing, thinking, judging and answering. It is best to first analyze and see for yourself whether the things you see and the things you hear are really just right. When I was young I had no interest or interest in the economy at all and I was always nostalgic and played dreamer. I was at the expense of a ready-made concept that earning money and living hard was justifying the boring life. I think that it all starts by accepting the reality of oneself and correcting the trajectory in the proper direction of life. There was a group of old women chatting in front of the fitness club this morning. Impress the way of life of old women who try to get a healthy body by exercising in the morning. I have a crush on sometime I think she will become an old woman and imagine how she smiles in everyday life. It does not mean making a large asset to improve the pension life, but many people need tens of millions of assets in preparation for old age. I am single because I can not have the confidence to earn my living expenses and assets simultaneously while supporting my family. I think that it will be the time when the recognition that it is nonsense to marry in the near future and to have children is considered to be normal. There are many who do not want to be like a grandfather who is physically working in a construction site or traffic maintenance really so painfully. It is hard to be a target of welfare because the deficits of the country’s monetary policy and fiscal policy will contribute to it, but there is no room. If there is preparation, it is an opportunity to aim at making my assets.

Figure of old oneself working on personal computer

It is impossible for social media to decline in the future, and I am working hard to be sensitive to the background of the leading edge. The experience of working in an analog manner and communicating with people is very important and necessary. Acting alone and living on an individual basis is a normal thing, and the changes of the times are simultaneously changing the world. I can not help meet the desires of many unspecified people but I want to provide some services. We think that human beings can be happy enough if they have moderate free time, money and friends. I was happy when I heard that young investors set up schools and donate a large amount of money in a poor country.

Economic support can be provided to the poor in developing countries with a large economic strength. In the future, I would like to build a few hundred million dollars of assets to protect the natural environment like Amazon and to provide tuition support and economic support for poor young people.

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