Economic sanction against Iran

Economic sanction against Iran

America began economic sanction against Iran again.

Naturally anti American activities are taking place in Iran.

This report on this time is never.

It is absolutely predicted that the price of gasoline will rise and it will hurt peoples lives in other countries.

Due to the value of stocks and currency decline, we must feel a sense of crisis as a serious coverage leading to a stall in the world economy.

Continuous coverage

While various disasters and accidents occur everywhere in the world every day, I feel that people are interested in entertainment and pleasure. It is true that the conflict that arises between humans who have different values each other is happening in any age and it is only a matter of sightseeing that it is the fact that it is the best we can do by living our daily lives It is. A famous baseball player was saying this, People are asked about their attitude when they are in difficult times. In fact the internal circumstances of the Middle Eastern countries are not so familiar to me myself, but it is certainly a big thing for the world that there are countries with abundant petroleum resources, and if the relationship with the oil exporting country is bad, gasoline used for cars You can not use. Terrorism occurring in Syria is a threat of the world and journalists from all over the world gather to gather information.

People of refugees standing north

There was a report that refugees in Central America finally reached the capital of Mexico. I think they will be able to enter the U.S. or I think that this election will affect the US election. I think that there is no choice but to pray that refugees will be safely protected and secure in some way. It is a fact that politicians of countries around the world are striving hard to put together the country well and it is absolutely wrong that general citizens just criticize politicians and it is absolutely wrong as a politician I think there is a right to criticize if there is experience of. Only one can say this, In order to make the discipline a solid society, we are living under firm law, so sometimes it is necessary to accept a very ruling as well. We should judge constructively by thoroughly considering things and guaranteeing each other’s interests. I can not absolutely live well if I think about things with priority only for myself and I do not care about each other. You know that the spirit of give and take.

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