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 you will need to adapt to the family’’s routine as they will have to adapt to you. Politeness and thoughtfulness on your part will help everything run smoothly remember you are not staying in a hotel. Phone if you are going to be late for dinner, let them know if you are going on a trip for the weekend and most importantly, telephone them if you are going to spend the night at home. If staffs do not know where you are after 48 hours staffs have to the police as a missing person so it is crucial that you let your host family know where you are.


Always ask before bringing friends home. Overnight guests are not allowed under any circumstances.


Any damages or breakages should be settled privately between you and the host family if you lose your keys many host families will require you to pay for their locks to be changed so please look after them carefully. Make sure you keep all valuables and money locked away safety.

Problem and Question

If you have any problems or question, please do not be afraid to speak to your host families about them. They are all very experienced and willing to help you. But if you feel you can’t speak to your host family about something please come and speak to staffs in the accommodation office.

Your Accommodation

If you have chosen to live in your own accommodation you need to come to the accommodation office on your first day at school to provide staffs with your address and telephone number.

Some of you will decide to move into your own accommodation during your course. Please remember that you cannot usually rent a flat or a house for less than six months. If you want to find a flat with some friends please inform the accommodation office as soon as you decide. Staffs need 4 weeks notice to organise an accommodation refund. If you need any help or advice about finding your own accommodation please come to speak the accommodation staffs.

Stay at home

No meals are provided at the residence. This is a self catering option. You must cook for your self. EF provides you with all cooking utensils and crockery, cutlery.

Complaint procedure

Do you have a problem or query? Don’t take it home with you, all EF staffs there to help.

In your first week you will meet with a member of staff to discuss how your first few days are going and if there are any issues that staffs can help to resolve. This staff member will be your allocated mentor if you have any questions or queries through your stay. Depending on the length of your course you will also complete and online questionnaire half way through your course and a couple of weeks before you leave. This is to monitor your satisfaction level in each area and for EF school to improve. However, if you have a problem and you are unhappy at any point of your course follow the steps below. ↓

Step 1

If you have a general problem or query, speak to any member of staff. If they are unable to help they will refer you to the person responsible, please speak to the following departments for the following problem or query.

  • Academic programme… director of studies
  • Activities… activities manager
  • Accommodation… accommodation manager
  • Any other general problem or query… reception or customer support manager

Step 2

If you are not satisfied with the outcome in step1 please speak to the school director. Every effort will be made to resolve your problem or query within the school.

Step 3

If you are still not satisfied, all staffs will help you to refer the matter to the EF head office or to English UK, 219 St John Street, London EC1V 4LY.

Fire alarm of EF school

When the alarm bell rings, leave the building immediately and assemble in the car park or somewhere public largest area.

Do not take bags or coats with you. You will save time and avoid blocking the way.

Follow the signs marked “FIRE EXIT”.

If you have to go downstairs, keep to the right, move quickly and calmly.

Remain in the car park until your name has been checked off the list.

Do not reenter the building for any reason until given the all clear.


Anyway if you go to study abroad somewhere please keep taking careful of your everything without a cause. Finally it is the most important thing is what you will have got great times anyway. In fact, my whole memory of EF school is still remain in my heart as good and sweet things. Absolutely you will be able to acquire especial things within English level.

It is once in your life, I hope that you are going to select EF school in near future. 

God bless you.

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