EF school Manchester


EF school Manchester

I have a desire to go to Manchester again.
Manchester and Nottingham are the only places I went to during my study abroad stay.
I didn’t feel like going to London at all and I didn’t have enough money.
After a few days of language school life, I contacted Katie.
I vividly remember the scene where I called her in a telephone booth near the EF school in Manchester.
And I remember walking on the road where the dead leaves of autumn were falling and waiting at the bus stop.
So I recognize that studying abroad is a very adventurous attraction.
And I still have a regular ticket for a British bus.
I have a desire to feel the British air and roads again.
It makes me sad when I look up at the distant sky while suppressing my feelings of nostalgia.
Anyway, I took a bus to school every day.
However, I got lost on the way home from school on the first day.
I didn’t know where to get back at the bus stop.
It was that his weakness in English was revealed.
I learned that my English listening skills were overwhelmingly weak.
Anyway, I got lost and wandered the road in England looking for a bus stop.
I tried to walk home.
However, the scenery seen from the second floor of the one-time bus does not show the way back.
I asked a white man resting in a car in the parking lot of an automobile factory.
He gave him the address of his homestay and asked for the location of the bus stop.
He got out of the car and went to the factory with me.
And he urged me to get in the car.
It was about driving me home.
I thanked him and had him drive home.
I tried to give him a pound sterling change to thank him.
But he didn’t get my thanks money.
I handed over the gum I bought at tesco and he smiled and received my gum present.


The family living in my homestay was Anne and her daughter.
The two daughters were very kind but unfriendly.
One of her daughters was branded as an unemployed and selfish human being.
There I was able to touch the reality and darkness of the actual interracial.
It was a great harvest to be able to know the part that the mass media medium that brainwashes only virtual images does not teach the people.
Ann taught me how to get to Nottingham by train.
She actually took me to the station by car.
Anne was very kind, but in the car on the way home from the station, Anne talked about the murder.
A murder occurred in the city, accusing the criminal of being a Pakistani.
I was afraid of Anne’s existence of racial discrimination by driving a car while steaming cigarettes.
However, I had a good experience because I just wanted to know the real image, not the beautified British image.

To Nottingham

I went to see my pen friend without attending the event at my study abroad destination.
While studying abroad, I tried to see the actual boring scenery and truth of England.
So I woke up early in the morning every day and went out.
Other international students slept until noon, but I stayed outside England every day from early morning to early evening.
I went to libraries, supermarkets, churches and civic centers in England.
The everyday scenery of the English people was really my greatest interest.
At that time, I was already doing oil painting activities and worshiping Christ.
In other words, I wasn’t a stupid servant with only the sensibility of traveling to France before.
In March 2013, he was baptized by Christianity and became a believer in Christ.
I wished for a good life every day, but Jesus actually gave me an adventure to England.
And I woke up early in the morning on Saturday during school holidays and went to see Katie.
So I took a bus to the station and took a train from the stockport station in Manchaster to Nottingham station.
And I wrote down notes all the time during the long train trip.
I wanted to keep the contents of what I found in England and my experiences as a memory of letters.
Writing long notes was perfect for very long train trips.
I arrived at Nottingham station.
Well I still remember the composition of Nottingham station, and I vividly remember the taxi ranks and scenery.

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