EF school Manchester


EF school Manchester

I studied abroad at EF school Manchester for a month in October 2013.
There are moments when I miss the experience of studying abroad more than 7 years ago.
The language study abroad school called EF school was a very well-structured school.
I remember it was a relatively low tuition fee.
He has wandered around in a shopping mall in the downtown area of ​​Manchester’s train station.
Anyway, I still remember clearly about the facilities in Manchester.
The climate and atmosphere of England is not fresh for British people.
However, the atmosphere of the British nation was fresh for me, an Asian servant.
Entering the world of fairy tales seems to mean entering England.
I had the experience of getting on a second floor bus in England.

first day

I entered the school later than the scheduled entrance date.
And I entered the Manchester school and went to the information corner to complete the admission procedure.
I handed the overseas insurance certificate to the usher and took a picture to issue a student ID card.
Then I immediately took an English test for classifying.
I entered the computer room and took the test.
So I was taking a walk around the campus after the test was over.
On the first day, there was no class and I went home from Manchester school to my homestay.

Day 2

My roommate Costa Rican was a very gentleman.
I went to school with him on the first day.
And I felt very fresh about the atmosphere of England, the appearance of the city, nature and white people.
It had the feeling of being in another dimension, as if it were on Mars.
The second day was a different time to go to school than my roommate, so I went to school alone.
For the first time I shopped at tesco near Manchester.
I didn’t use the Manchester cafeteria.
And I bought and ate tesco biscuits and gum to make lunch cheaper.
So I wasn’t jealous of the students eating fish and chips in the cafeteria.
I was able to make friends in the daytime relaxing room at Manchester.
During the break in the school, I watched the news on the TV set in the reclining plaza.
I was impressed to see the BBC news in the UK.

Extracurricular activities

I participated in EF school extracurricular activities.
Well I was able to actually participate in extracurricular activities such as reading and art activities and experience the atmosphere of a Caucasian Englishman.
However, most students go home after class or go out to play in the city.
I made full use of my serious personality in England to appeal to myself.
A Caucasian French woman of the same class participated in an extracurricular reading activity, but she was dissatisfied.
I participated in art extracurricular activities, but I remember that the only other students were Mongolians and old Swiss.
I don’t think there are any students who actually do extracurricular activities at EF school.

Spanish-speaking students

I took a proper class before classifying.
The presence of a middle-aged female international student wearing an Islamic hood was fresh.
I often heard Spanish in the school.
There were many opportunities for students from countries with many Spanish-speaking countries to have conversations.
At that time, I realized the high value of Spanish and studied Spanish after studying abroad.
Many Spanish-speaking students were relatively cheerful and diplomatic.
Latin-Spanish-speaking people and blacks, who contradict the character of East Asians, were very friendly people.
Perhaps studying Spanish is also effective when studying English at EF school.
It’s for making friends.
There was one interesting Italian, but the overwhelming majority of students were from Spanish-speaking countries.
I was often devoted to making friends during breaks.
And I spoke to a middle-aged Caucasian female student sitting quietly in a relaxing space.
She was German and very friendly and she seemed to be waiting for someone to interact with her.

Computer room in the free time of class

Class schedules are decided by the school.
Students receive a shift paper with a fixed shift announced weekly.
However, there is an overwhelming amount of free time in class, and students are killing time and studying by themselves.
Study in the computer room for self-study in the free time of class.
Self-study listening and writing tests using a personal computer.
I was looking for a very good environment to improve my language level.
EF school is a very good school because there are some intensive lessons that cannot be obtained from group lessons.
Some students studied languages ​​in a relaxing space other than the computer room.
It is important for international students to interact with each other because studying with friends can improve their language skills.

I wasn’t in love

I wasn’t studying philosophy in 2013.
That’s why I was sometimes interested in the opposite sex.
Love was not born in the presence of foreign students of all ages.
Spaniards frequently persuaded other students during class.
After all, I think it is difficult to create a process of falling in love and dating under the conditions of a study abroad period of up to one year.
Some students use language study abroad as a place to easily make friends and lovers.
It is not easy to find students with a common consciousness while each has a different sense of purpose.
As an adult language student, I cannot act carelessly in places where I am studying in various statuses.
I think that studying abroad at university can be expected to develop love more than at a language school.
However, I don’t think we should waste the opportunity to study abroad for reliable self-investment.
I don’t think there were any international students who were actually looking for love.
On the way home, it was normal for the students to smoke and talk at the exit of the school building.
There is no development site for love there.

Evacuation drills

I had an evacuation drill experience at EF school.
However, it was a relatively appropriate and unmotivated school lead.
Suddenly the teachers and students went out during class without the loud alarm siren sounding.
After evacuating outside, I was waiting for the passage of time that the students and teachers had gathered.
EF school is a traditional language school that is serious and disciplined.

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