EF school Manchester


EF school Manchester

In October 2013, I decided to study abroad in English.
It was an event during my leave.
Before dawn in August 2013, he suffered from dyspnea of ​​unknown cause.
I had frequent nosebleeds and stuffiness during work.
And I felt a strong sense of crisis because I was in poor physical condition, which I had never experienced.
I took a break from work and diagnosed at an otolaryngology hospital, but I don’t know the cause.
I was working in a pain that was close to dyspnea.
However, my physical condition does not improve at all.
I felt too anxious and hindered my work every day.
And I went to a mental hospital to make a diagnosis based on my intuition.
Well I was oppressing my mind myself.
I believed it was the cause of dyspnea and regular nosebleeds.
And I asked a psychiatrist to make a medical certificate and asked the company to take leave.
Then I decided that it was dangerous to continue working any longer.
I thought about my colleague’s worries, but I thought about traveling abroad for mental illness.
It was inevitable that I would consider traveling abroad by taking advantage of the precious leave.
I was depressed because of mental stress and lack of opportunities to travel abroad.
And I was convinced that my spirit would not improve even if I was treated at home.
So I think studying abroad during the holidays was the right choice.
I thought that depression would not be cured even if I was treated at home and took a tranquilizer.
And I made a big decision because I knew that the holiday period would only be long.
I haven’t told my company or colleagues that I’m going to study abroad.
However, since it was a company that violated the law, it was meaningless to put trust in the company.

Hurry up to arrange study abroad

I made a plan to study English for only one month.
The budget was $ 5,000, so I couldn’t study abroad for more than a month.
I told my pen friend Katie, an Englishman, about studying abroad.
Katie was an English pen friend of the same year living in Nottingham.
I have never met Kevin and Johanna on my trip to France.
So I was determined to meet my pen friend.
In October 2013, I decided to study at EF school in Manchester, England.
Candidates were Manchester or Chicago.
I was wondering whether to study abroad in the United States or the United Kingdom, but I gave priority to my friends.
The departure date has come after paying overseas insurance premiums, homestay fees and tuition fees.
I took a British aircraft bound for England at noon.
There was an incident.
I missed the flight.
Originally I had to be in the waiting room of the aircraft more than two hours ago, but I had a feeling of leeway.
I thought it would be okay if I was in the waiting room 30 minutes ago.
And I was disappointed with my own ecstasy when I learned that I had missed the train.
I had no choice but to use the airmail three days later.
At that time, I thought about whether to go home, wait at the airport, or stay in a city near the airport.
The conclusion was that I decided to stay in the city near the airport for two days.

2 days wasted

Depressed by the delay of the aircraft, I took a train from the airport to a nearby town.
Then I searched for a hotel in the city, checked in at the hotel, and bought dinner at a convenience store.
I stayed at an internet cafe on the second day because the hotel fee is expensive.
And I remember watching a movie at an internet cafe all the time.
So I wore a suit for some reason.
I didn’t feel uncomfortable going to England in a suit.

Finally departure

The aircraft to go was very vacant.
Sitting wherever I wanted, I was excited to head to England.
The movie I was watching on the plane at that time was a documentary program of Chariots of Fire, Speed ​​and Orchestra.
I arrived in England after more than 10 hours of flight, but I wasn’t impressed by the arrival in Europe.
I remember having calmly stepped on the land of Europe because I had already experienced Europe on my trip to France in 2012.
I remember arriving at Manchester Airport late at night.
So I took a taxi to my homestay home.
I was upset in a taxi traveling through a pitch-black English city.
And I vividly remember the state of no sense of direction.
I arrived at my homestay house and headed to the front door.
The roads and air in England were very inspiring to my curiosity.
Then Anne, the owner of the homestay house, came.
Ann was a white grandmother living in Manchester, England.
I met her, greeted her lightly, and was immediately guided to the room on the second floor.
The language student in the room was a Costa Rican man, but I don’t remember his name.
1.He went to France two weeks later.
2.He was an elementary school teacher, a Costa Rican man, and a very smart man.
3.He was studying in high-level classes because he was well-educated, but he made friends with studying abroad.
4.He seems to have retired from work and was wandering abroad, and he was in New York, USA before coming to England.
I often gave him the biscuits I bought at a supermarket called tesco in England.

Language study abroad life 3 days shorter than planned

I took the IELTS English test and was transferred to A3 class.
And I went to study abroad without studying English at all.
There were no Asians in the class, only I was Asian.
There were various classmates.
Edward, a Caucasian Spanish ski instructor.
A black French woman.
She was a high school graduate and regretted not going to college.
Caucasian French woman.
She asked me my age.
I heard that French people don’t have the habit of asking others about their age, but it wasn’t.
Caucasian Spanish lesbian woman.
Black Swiss sports instructor.
Manchoman, a man from Central and South America.
Middle Eastern Chilean Cecilia.
An old male Caucasian Austrian.
I myself haven’t contacted them at all after studying abroad.
I realized that it was because there was a limit to maintaining relationships over long distances.

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