EF school

EF school

It’s so called Education First that school of international language centres EF school was made me satisfied as much as better than I thought.

Once I was used to EF school in 2013 and then I was able to have fun times as study English with nicely foreign students. In fact I didn’t waste time and money meanwhile stay at school and I could spending private lessons or learning to get high score of English test by myself.

I’ve had took EF Cambridge English level test and that’s public English examination by university Cambridge actually. Such as basic user’s level is A1 to A2 and independent user class is B1 to B2 and finally proficient user is C1 to C2 which is able to discuss expertise’s discussion with native speaker.

After end of school days that you are gonna take course certificate within sign of academic director and another one is language assessment and also within sign of academic director. 

This is absolutely a very warm welcome to EF school and I really wanna recommend anyone who’s wanting to study abroad English language school.

By the way I’ve chosen EF Manchester school because I just wanted to see UK landscapes and traditional households, you’ll be able to enjoy UK lifecycle if you get there.

There are so many help staffs for foreign students, all staffs are very warm as I explain and you can ask each managers about administration, accommodation and host family and so on. All student are always seeking for practical information I guess cuz there is not only safety area in UK, as well as going trip.

  • School staff
  • School director
  • Director of studies
  • Customer support manager & welfare officer
  • IT & facilities coordinator
  • Residence manager
  • Host family recruitment manager
  • Assistant director of studies
  • City insider
  • Accommodation manager
  • Senior teacher
  • Customer support officer
  • Custom support intern
  • Accommodation office intern

School opening hours : Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm


If you would like some advice or personal help during you stay in there, please speak to staffs.

First floor

  • Reception 
  • Activities
  • Cafeteria
  • School director office
  • Accommodation office
  • Female toilets
  • Disable toilets
  • Classrooms

First floor, Second floor, Third floor, Fourth floor

  • Academic office
  • Males females toilets
  • Classrooms
  • ilabs room(computer room)
  • Lecture room
  • Prayer room


  • Art and music
  • Business
  • Communication skills
  • Vocabulary Nad grammer
  • Writing
  • Media and literature
  • Pronunciation

Police Registration

Depending on your nationality, you may need to resister at the police station within two weeks of your arrival in the UK. This information will be on your visa in your passport.

Please show customer support staff your passport if you are unsure if this is necessary for you and they will give you information about what to do. Don’t forget if you resister that you have to inform the police if you change address.

Transportation Facilities

Bike: enjoy the perfect way of getting around there, hire for a day or buy for the whole stay.

Back Home

Most students only pay for an arrival and go back to the airport independently. If you have paid for a return service, or if you are unsure about this or want EF staff to book a taxi, please see reception.

Living with Hostel familiy

It is not always easy to adapt to life with a new host family so hopefully the information it will help you adjust. Sometimes the smallest things can make all the difference.

Duties and Right of Hostel Family

You should be provided with your own key to the house. You are not expected to share keys with other students or members of the family.

You are responsible for cleaning your room. It is also nice if you offer to help with household chores, such as washing up, from time to time.

In the winter season, most families will only have the heating on for a few hours in the morning and the evening because it is very expensive everywhere.

Ask your family about their Laundry arrangements, some will wash your clothes for you and charge up to a couple of price per week which you must pay, others will ask you to use a launderette.

Ask your family about using their internet connection. Most families will charge up to a coule of price per week for usage.


Try and eat with the family whenever possible. Meal times are a good opportunity to get to know your family and practice your English. Please infirm the family if you will not be home for any meals.

Breakfast: your host family will provide you with cereal, toast, tea and coffee only. They may not always be there to make it for you, just help yourself.

Evening meal: your host family will provide you with a cooked meal every evening. During your first week discuss with your family what foods you like and dislike.

Weekend lunch: your family will provide you with lunch at the weekend if you are at home. Lunch will usually consist of a sandwich or a light snack I guess. In my case, I’ve never used to it because I had been out of house to see landscape meanwhile stay at Manchester.

To be continue…

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