Elderly experience is to carry a 10 kg rucksack


Elderly experience is to carry a 10 kg rucksack

Do you know the physical burden of elderly people?
Every day our cells are getting older and the physical burden is getting bigger
I think there are pension issues in developed countries other than Japan
And I think there is no doubt that the age of pension benefits will gradually increase
I am convinced that the expectation that the pension eligibility age will be 75 years old or more is right
In other words, we can not stop production activities by community service until the age of 75
It means that you have to keep mental and physical burden until 75 years old.
I am convinced of my life to work until I die and understand the social background
I don’t get married, don’t make children, don’t work for a long time because I understand the social background
I think pension life is enough from just a few months to 3 years
We are pessimistic about lifestyles that continue to be consumed without production activities.
It is a metaphor that a selfish manner of life is pension life
To put it terribly, long-term pensioners have become a social burden
I am reluctant to become a pensioner when I think about the future of a young group

Can you do your job up to 75 years old?

For example, is it possible to work while carrying a rucksack weighing more than 10 kg?
Is it easy to go to work, work overtime, entertain, or carry your luggage while carrying your kindergarten?
Elderly experience is said to carry about 10 kilos of weight
Physical distress leads to mental distress
I am confident that I will never be able to continue my current job until I am 75 years old
We have to find a job that can continue to work until 75
However, since various harmful effects may occur, it is not possible to make a general judgment.
It is difficult to work if you have a person with dementia or a physical disability
I think maintaining a healthy body is a challenge for our first future
I think I have to learn and practice a lot of knowledge to build my health

Efforts needed to maintain a healthy body until age 75

Moderate aerobic exercise and vegetable intake
I understand that creating a healthy body is not difficult for me.
It is important to take various supplements, but I still have to review my lifestyle
I think it’s important to have good quality sleep, relieve daily stress, and eat healthy food.
In the pension system several decades ago, I was able to get a pension from the age of 60
However, now 65 years old becomes the age for eligibility for pension, and after several years, the age for eligibility for pension will be extended to 70
I think the relationship between few young people and many older people will not be reversed
I myself use medicines as much as possible to avoid illness
I have a habit of curing illness using natural therapy, exercise therapy and diet therapy
I try to take vitamins in the whole body in the sun
I think it’s important to imagine the health of a real 75-year-old
Alcohol and cigarettes are a treat and are sensitive to the second heart stomach

Recruitment of 75-year-old healthy elderly

There are many elderly workers who are currently driving drivers for delivery and guiding workers at construction sites
However, I think it is terrible for older workers who cannot be promoted to managerial positions to continue working as professionals
Middle-aged workers think it is best to change to managerial positions and provide office work and educational guidance
After all, if you don’t have practical skills, you have to work manually
Old workers without skills are ugly
But they’re paying for their skills
We feel that our future challenge is to maintain a healthy body by acquiring lifelong skills

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