Eliminate mental damage


Eliminate mental damage

1.I coughed blood last night.
2.I rushed to the emergency hospital.
3.I thought I was infected with the new coronavirus at that time.
4.I was terribly anxious.

Throat discomfort several days ago

She developed pharyngolaryngeal paresthesia.
I was worried about the new coronavirus.
The symptom is discomfort in the throat.
The symptom had appeared for several days.

Loneliness is never good

I work at home.
This is not good at this time.
I’m always depressed and creative.
It is important to be lonely, but not good at this time.

Specific symptoms

Normal heat
No fatigue
No dyspnea
Feeling in my throat

This is pharyngolaryngeal abnormal sensation.
It is a kind of mental illness.
I have a mental illness.
This has been going on since 2012.

The first measure for the new coronavirus is mental control.
And hand washing.

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