Endless production activities


Endless production activities

Factory production line continues to operate
Accepts the excuse of a member of society who has lost humanity
I think that there are few modern people who are seriously serving in the community
Consciousness of people who work for themselves is entertainment
Firstly Seeking a spiritual pleasure
Secondly Seeking physical pleasure
I have no choice but to sleep as I embrace my tired heart
To stop global warming is the destruction of humanity
Let’s see I want to admire the modern people who devastated the world before the explosion of the earth
Ok, I feel pity for fixed concepts, group consciousness and crowds
I’m living for the next destination
It is society that tries to brainwash me

I want to break through the current situation for a long time with a serious story

Bad work is always a big force in economic activity
I have been meeting various people and learning various sensitivities and values
It’s not a bad thing to go to school with a nice dream
I miss my life in Tokyo more than 10 years ago and enjoy the memories of last year
First of all The situation I am holding
And The situation you are holding

The situation they are holding

We have problems every day and we are trying to solve them
Well I may no longer be able to really love someone
I am tired of my daily work and my vision for the future
Uhh I am suffering from the freedom of the holidays
So I can not spend on holidays and I want to work in the house

People are looking for problems because living in peace is not interesting

It makes no sense to lament that you do not want to do troublesome work
I accept pain from God and I am turning pain into pleasure
Human love is unreliable
Well I am angry at human selfishness
Surely I am fed up with the care of people’s desires
Devil’s man asking for plenty of food
So I worked hard without using the air conditioner in the summer of 2019
Well well I was looking for something and was careful not to go off while saving
I am mistaken for being a special person
But that mistake is not wrong
I’m really a religious, an artist, a thinker, a dreamer
We are aware that we can easily have a sense of well-being if we are satisfied with the city life

So Are you happy to have a boyfriend?
And then are you happy with her?
Finally are you happy that today is a payday?
Isn’t it good or bad to lie?
So I am fed up with excessive services and products
And I have a sense of hopelessness in the new rules of society that I have to work until I die
I want to quietly die

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