Enjoy an Inconvenient, Poor Life, Save life!!!!


Enjoy an Inconvenient, Poor Life

I play an unemployed creator knowing that there is no point in making money to work more than necessary
I enjoy living poor life to hold my own way of life
Today I love myself, living at less than $ 5 a day
In the past I felt I was only working overtime and was wasting and hurt myself
I would like to cultivate my own wisdom by devising a poor life so that even toothpaste can not be purchased
I feel stressed by the morals of the Japanese interpreting that it is malicious to finish my afternoon work and enjoy my hobbies
Even after more than 70 years after the war, modern Japanese unreasonable education is maintained, and I am convinced that a genius like Jobs will not be born in Japan
I was unable to find a job as a result of I absorbed the culture of Western society and challenged Tokyo with the concept of Westerners
And I came to call Japan a country of stress
I understand that foreign job sites like Linkedin are well managed and I feel disappointed with Japan every time compared to Japanese job sites
One Japanese was saying such a thing, Japan will become a nation that aims to be a tourist nation from now on
I feel that Japan, which is not a state of the art high-tech industry, will run a nation in the service industry
From now on, Japanese people will be exploited by various foreign companies as food for foreign IT industry
I’m just trying to see the decline of my country now

I want to live positively even during political distrust and youth exclusion

I am not familiar with the political and economic circumstances of other countries, but Japan is steadily declining
I am sending SOS from the Internet without getting out of this declining Japan
I do not think that the economies of advanced nations around the world are on the upward trend, but I remember a sense of crisis at home
The competitive society of each country in the US and Europe will be tough and I think people from all over the world are competing
I just don’t have the feeling of revolution and I just want to live freely without being obsessed with competing
Every time I see a discussion program discussing real problems, I feel a sense of emptiness of barren argument
A Japanese male living in the US said that women in developed countries and women in developing countries are completely different
In particular, because American women sue for gender equality, they strongly assert themselves and prioritize their rights and freedom
I have heard that the American way of life in which discrimination issues remain persistent for Asians is very painful and harsh
On the other hand, women from developing countries like Ukraine seem to be very feminine and respect the other person
The Japanese who live in the US testified that the Ukrainians who do not discriminate against other races are wonderful
I’m a poor person but I have enough mental capacity to play gentlemans against others
What I advocate for life theory is that when you get rich, you get fat.
Anyway, I am convinced that I can live a happy life with enough effort, living expenses and nutrients.

Depiction of an exclusive American document program

I do not feel much jealousy to America of the world’s largest economic power full of satiety and ego
Certainly, I have been inspired by the Hollywood movie and tried to emigrate to the US, but there is no American dream in my heart now
I do not want to give priority to the economy to understand the realities of a truly American society full of violence
I admit that America is a great nation but I do not want it to be my place of residence
It is all about getting calm everyday life, and I got various experiences and got the current values
In the world population growth where tens of thousands of new lives are born every day I have a sense of crisis in the future of humanity
I am convinced of my poor life by understanding that it is wrong to improve economic power for happiness
Americans who appear in American document programs and try to become celebrities look pityful

Make sure to show your smile to the other party

I want to be a human who can make everyone happy with a smile when I first meet or greet
I guessed that I could not succeed in life because I could not talk with smiles
So from now on I will try to communicate with a smile and try to be transformed into a bright person
I’m trying to post positive videos on Youtube, and now I’m trying to wipe out my past
I would be glad if we could show everyone their own humanity that no one else can express themselves

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